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Moon Rocks (2 Grams)

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After a long wait we finally got more in stock. Bud dipped in oil and kief that will send you straight to the couch and/or straight to the fridge. On sale at $50 for 2 Grams at checkout.


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6 reviews for Moon Rocks (2 Grams)

  1. Cooper

    A must to try,I find it is worth the money. Not the tastiest but to the moon you go.

  2. Sébastien Gauthier

    Goonies (verified owner)

    La légende est vrai…

    Les Moonrocks…c’est comme la vitesse démesuré…on ne sait pas quand ça l’arrête lol !
    Si vous êtes un aventurier, je vous conseil de l’essayer au moins une fois dans votre vie ! C’est spécial…Moi, j’ai adoré et je compte bien essayer les autres saveurs…


  3. Ryan Warfield

    Ryanbob1987 (verified owner)

    Literally the best moon rocks iv smoked so far I recommend highly this was my first order with stressfree and I am stress free will be ordering again and again not to mention the super fast delivery I ordered Monday and got my package exactly 24h later

  4. Sebastien Marion

    Sebm (verified owner)

    Wow 🤯😍

  5. SmokingBarbz (verified owner)

    Good product over all. Must try it one time in your life.

  6. Timothy Brown

    TBrown (verified owner)

    Very nice. By the time I got it barely burning; I was stoned. If you’re looking for a treat it’s well worth the money for sure.

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