Kief 2 for 25 Special

Kief 2 for 25 Special


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2 Grams of kief for $25 at checkout. 2 random selections. Enjoy!

4 reviews for Kief 2 for 25 Special

  1. Alexandre Bolduca

    Alexandre Bolduca (verified owner)

    golden kief, great taste, awesome high, good deal for the quality.

  2. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    I rec. Kool-Aid & blueberry. Nice ample amounts! 10 Nice prix 8.6 Color golden green 9.6
    Kool was sativa hybrid buzz while BB was Indica. I liked both but Blueberry had the stronger nose
    BB scent 9.6 Kool scent 7,77 Very high from both goes very far Be the dust fairy! Smokes sharpley!


    DanViau (verified owner)

    Tastes wonderful, smooth and easy on the throat. Lovely high, all the kief strains, delicious as a topping on flower or simply smoked by itself in a waterpipe. Well done Stress Free Delivery !!

  4. Phil (verified owner)

    Good deal. I got cotton candy and blueberry, very happy with the taste and quality

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