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Jean Guy E-Pen (B.C. Product)


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New E-Pens in stock! Puff on em and toss them. Product is from B.C. and they are are $40 each at checkout. They each contain 0.8 grams of shatter.

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  1. Catherine Vincelli

    harleyquinn13 (verified owner)

    The pen battery died before I could finish the oil inside, and since it’s tossable, no way to get it out 🙁 A bit dissapointed but the other lucid haze pen I bought worked fine, might have just been a faulty rig.



    harleyquinn13 (propriĂ©taire vĂ©rifiĂ©)moi j’ai dĂ©ja acheter un stylo et j’ai dĂ©ja eu un problĂšme je leur est dit et il sont remĂ©dier a la situation.Les vape sont extraordinaire en public personne c’est que tu vape du mauvais herbe (weed)Merci.

  3. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    Now this is a primo Pen No priming lights up my battery lasted like the energizer battery rabbit kept going & going
    Jean guy when grown right is a great Quebec Canada treat When it came to Cornwall that’s what we smoked for months
    while changing on Za. effects 9.3 vapes 10+ THC 43.31 Old skewl hybrid stone slight Ind 61/39 LOVE it 2nd best pen!

  4. Maxime Lefebvre poulin

    Sa brule mĂȘme pas 😞votre affaire

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