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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 15% – 17%

Crater Lake is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) strain created through a dank cross of the powerful Super Silver Haze X (Oregon Huckleberry X Blueberry X Oregon Huckleberry) strains. This bud is infamous for its potent stench that can be too much for some. It has a skunky pungent overtone with a tinge of earthy rotting fruit that is slightly peppery. The taste is slightly mellower, with a harsh spicy coffee flavor that has a slight pungency to it upon exhale. Crater Lake buds have lumpy medium-sized spade-shaped nugs with dark amber hairs and a thick covering of long twisty dark leaves. Each nug is completely coated in a frosty thick layer of tiny white crystal trichomes and visible droplets of sweet sticky resin. The Crater Lake high is just as infamous as its flavor – it has a relaxing and euphoric effect that is very well balanced among head and body highs. It starts with an uplifting blissful head high that leaves you clear-headed and focused with a sense of motivation and a slight increase in energy. This is eventually accompanied by a relaxing body buzz that builds slowly, spreading from the neck and back of the head in mellow waves, leaving you completely at ease with a slight sense of laziness. This body buzz will make you incredibly hungry, too, so be sure to have snacks on hand! These effects and its moderately high 15-17% THC level make Crater Lake perfect for treating conditions such as appetite loss, asthma, nausea, and mild to moderate cases of depression.

Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing
May Relieve:
Anxiety, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress
Chemical, Citrus, Coffee, Lemon, Spicy
Earthy, Pungent, Skunky



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