Cherry Oil (1 Gram) ,

Hand crafted BC made Cherry Oil


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Cherry oil is a cannabis based oil that is filtered through charcoal to remove the majority of chlorophyll from the plant material. The result is a clearish, red-hued oil containing roughly 65-70% THC.You can dab it, bottle toke it, spread some on a paper and roll a joint or straight up just eat the stuff!

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  1. Daniel Rix


    BT it! Taste & smokes 9.4 Effects 10 love this feel Right texture not thin or too thick
    Spreads nice on joint with some outdoors/shake. Add Kief,crumble its on sale & hash U have a Balling Spliff right there!
    1g oil goes far! Buy 3 for holidays u will b glad does not stink air up & so smooth Great Cherry oil Nice prix scene $ 45+

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