Champagne Kush Caviar (Smaller Diamonds)


Champagne Kush Caviar (Smaller Diamonds) (1 Gram)


Essentially, the terp sauce is live resin cured, aged. This process begins with a living plant. Rather than drying it, it is frozen or kept cold to keep as many terpenes as possible. After a typical BHO extraction process, the extract is set aside for aging. As the product ages, a process called “nucleation” occurs and the cannabinoids begin to turn into crystals. Often called “diamond mining”, because THCA naturally forms crystals and can start to look like tiny diamonds. As the crystals form, the terpenes are pushed into a liquid called “mother liquor.” This liquid is passed through the extraction process once again resulting in a very powerful product with up to 60% or more of terpene content. Diamond-like solid particles and extracts are called High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts, providing 90-99% THC Contains 60% Diamonds and 40% Terpenes ($80 per Gram at Checkout)


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