Cana Bud Gum (White Widow) 2.5 Grams

Cana Bud Gum (White Widow) 2.5 Gram Vial

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Cana Bud Gum, white widow strain, comes in a 2.5 gram vial that all hash lovers will like. Dark on the outside, nice and light brown on the inside. $50 at checkout per 2.5 Gram vial. On Sale!

1 review for Cana Bud Gum (White Widow) 2.5 Grams

  1. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    The good Its Potent but best Vaped as its as hard as a rock! taste 5 potency 9.4 maliable 0 No BTs maybe Hot knives Pipe if warmed cuz u need a sharp exacto knife
    It will last! The WW feel! Best dabbed or Vaped Thing your into something Grand! no reorder but recommend if u Vape or Dab blow torchers me old skewl lol! glad too try $ xpensive buy that’s no lie

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