Banana O.G Rechargeable E-Pen (500mg)

Grape Ape Rechargeable E-Pen (500mg)


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500mg! Rechargeable Banana O.G. E-Pen that you can re-load after use that comes loaded with 500mg of grape deliciousness. Comes with battery and charger aswell for future use. We have juices available for refills. $50 per kit at checkout

2 reviews for Banana O.G Rechargeable E-Pen (500mg)

  1. Claire Worrell

    doejohn2043 (verified owner)

    I tried this in “Grape Ape” and in “Strawberry Cough.” Very tasty.

    For a mere $50.00, the product comes with vape pen, tank containing 500 mg of juice, battery, charger, suction holder allowing you to maintain the vape pen in a horizontal position, as well as a lovely, discreet, cushioned carry case.
    As the tank is refillable, this is a very special deal which I very highly recommend.

  2. Daniel Rix

    Dantheman (verified owner)

    Dear John Doe (everybody knows u but DOEs’nt) lol Same name I give escorts You are right except 5* The Grape Ape Mendo Purps flavor comes out & hits me like GG#4, Afghani skunk Similar great high too purple candy – Sweet tooth super sucre RECOMMEND weed strain is 19% THC this must be 31% THC Very happy stone

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