Is this for real?
The answer is Yes
Why do you need my ID?
We only need to know that you’re over 18. Scratch off all the numbers but leave your DOB. All photos get deleted after account approval
How much does shipping cost?
Orders under $200 shipping is $15 and all orders over $200 shipping is free with Xpresspost
Do you ship outside of Canada?
Unfortunately the answer is no
What type of payment do you accept?
Interac etransfer (EMT) with matching names to account only. If senders name does not match name on account, order will be cancelled and account will be deleted
How to order
Go to shop section, browse our selection and proceed to checkout.Once you complete your transaction, you will receive an email with the information explaining where to send your payment
When will my order ship?
Please allow us up to 24 hours to process orders. Also note that we close at Noon on Fridays
How will my package be shipped?
All orders will be shipped via Canada Post Xpresspost with tracking numbers

136 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello I have a very shifty mailman who tends to leave my packages all over the neighbourhood. Do you guys ship with signature required for delivery ? Or is it a option ? I just want to make sure if I order I will receive it.
    Many thanks

    1. Shifty mailman you say? Normally we don’t put the signature option but you can always request it. It’s an extra 2$ to request it by Canada Post so if you would like signature for your parcel it’s not a problem for us. Simply request it!

    2. You can also use Flex Delivery and get your package delivered at the nearest post office for you to pick up, unless the mailman is so shifty he doesn’t do that properly!

    3. salut a tous du vraiment bon weed et de la bonne huile super

  2. How long until I receive confirmation that my application to be a member has been accepted?

    1. You have been approved. We noticed most Gmail accounts send our emails to spam. Check your junk/spam mail and please put not spam mail.

  3. Are bulk discounts available?

    1. Not really, but you can always email us at info@stressfreedelivery.ca and we can make an arrangement.

  4. Is there a limit on how much you can order per order and is there a limit of green you can order in a month ?

    1. No limit(without going overboard) per order and no monthly limit as of yet

  5. Hello! Are you planning to eventually make an Oz sample pack alongside the 1/2 oz?

    1. That sounds like a decent idea. We will look into it this week

  6. Why do you not accept credit card payment?

    1. We have a few reasons and won`t be accepting them any time soon unfortunately.

  7. what were to happen if my package doesnt show up? im looking toward purchasing 2 ounces?

    1. It will show up and if it`s a error on our part or CP, we will resend.

  8. Why has it been a week and i still have not got confirmation of being accepted? It is worrisome to have no confirmation of acceptance or denial. I have emailed but recieved no response. Please confirm. Thank you kindly

    1. Check your spam mail as you have been approved

  9. Wow. What great service!!!! Got exactly what I ordered and extremely quick turnaround. The Reb Leb is exactly as I hoped. Thank you.

  10. Un très bon service, la qualité du produit numéro 1 et les prix très abordable ?.

  11. Thanks so much just received my first order.. ?????Bery impressive.. can’t wait to try them all.

  12. Do you have to be a Canadian citizen? I am going to be travelling to Canada and was thinking of having something shipped to my hotel.

    1. Yes, as you need a Canadian account Canadian bank account. Send us a PM and we will direct you in the city to find what you are looking for.

  13. How long does it normally take for someone to get approved?

    1. Not too long as we just approved you!

      1. Very good service so far thank you very much !

  14. do you plan on accepting bitcoin here anytime soon? i think it would be a good option to add.

    1. We are currently looking into it

  15. How much do you get in the 10 strain sample pack? First time ordering. Thx!

  16. 3rd time ordering. is there any chance that canada post will look into ur package and hold it? because mine got held and its being rescheduled for tomorrow. im slightly worried.

    1. No chance of that at all and your parcel will be delivered tomorrow

  17. Why is it that when I log into my account the prices change?
    AK47 was 117 an oz, but when I log in, it changes to 135!
    I had an oz of AK and an oz of m39 in my cart, ready to checkout, and when I login the price shoots up 30-40 bucks.

    1. Cause we have to pay taxes.NOT COOL. But we pay them, not you and that’s why prices round up after. We dropped the prices so that with taxes it will add up to our set amount that is $135. Very cheap for an oz online.

  18. Do you require a photo ID for registration?

    1. Yes, we need yo know that you are over 18 please.

  19. Hey. First timer here. How long do you hold the order? I created an order but my bank is having technical difficulties. So I can’t send EMT yet.

    1. We will hold all orders for 48 hours

  20. how long does it take to get the tracking number? Never done this before, my buddy from work referred me to this site?

    1. You get tracking info within maximum of 24 hours after payment and much less than that most of the time.

  21. Salut
    quand vous dites East-Coast, vous êtes situé dans quel province? (pour avoir un aperçu du délais de livraison)


    1. Montreal, Quebec.

      1. Peut aller chercher directement je reste à 25km de Montréal ?

  22. I’ve placed an order and completed the email transfer and my order status is “on hold” what does that mean?

    1. It means it’s on hold until we accept your EMT. After we accept it, you will receive email confirmation of your order processing.

  23. I know a few people who ordered from this site so i know it is legit.
    I finally signed up and look forward to my account being approved 🙂
    Lots of new stuff as well so I am really exited!

    1. Right on bud! And your account is good to go!!


      Everything was perfect in regards to my first order! The delivery was lightning fast and the packaging was done so well I could not smell anything until I opened the last layer of vacuumed sealed bags. SFD clearly knows what they are doing and it’s a pleasure doing business with true professionals. I was really happy with the quality and price so they will become my “goto” MOM from now on!

      The chocolate kush and blue god strains really delivered for me since I need good medicine for sleep (have insomnia). I have not had anything like blue god in a while since it’s also really good for pain relief. I also got the 10 strain tester pack and loved testing nearly everything SFV had in stock (will try to review each strain individually).

  24. I’m looking to upload my ID to your site but I’m on a smartphone and I can’t drag and drop.
    Is there an option where I can choose to file to be uploaded?

    1. Any JPEG should work no problem.

  25. what happened to the blonde moroccan?

    1. It sold out! More coming soon enough!!

      1. oh thank goodness. thanks

  26. Can I scratch off my face photo entirely or partially on my photo ID when I register?

    1. Partially, yes. Scratch the numbers off as we want your age, not your information.

  27. Once the payment is sent. How much time it takes for you to accept the payment? Also my Desjardins account is at my full name , but on this site i only put my last last-name (which is Anderson). Hope thats not a problem! 🙂

    1. Thats not a problem and normally not too long, but depends when you send it as we are closed during the night. Normally we ship same day as payment.

  28. What happens if the order I Recieved is not correct?

    1. We correct it and we just emailed you concerning this if a mistake was made.

  29. i just placed my first order and i forgot to add the first order coupon,what do i do now

    1. Use it for your next order! You can use it once, does not matter when.

  30. Problèmes d’insomnie, vous recommandez quoi?
    En passant, le green crack était excellent pour aller me promener un forêt 🙂 My God, l’ odeur et ouvrent le sac était sublime!!

    1. Le Purple Urkle on laime bien le soir ici!

  31. do you guys ship discreetly ? i want it delivered to my dorm

    1. Yes, not a problem. Its a CP bubble mailer. Very discreet

  32. Can I use my passport as a form of ID?

  33. How long to approve account please? submitted it yesterday.


    1. It can take up to a few days as we have many requests to look at. Normally not much longer than 48 hours.

  34. Je sais pas pourquoi ma derniere commande ma été livré a ma porte et ils ont demander une signature?? Je n’avais pas demander cela pourtant. D’habitude ils laisse ca dans la boite postal. Pour moi c’est important que ce sois laisser dans la boite postale et pas a ma porte.

    1. Postes Canada ca, pas nous.

  35. I need to know how u send the email transfer and what name to put only was giving a email

    1. Check your spam mail and here’s a link on how to send EMT’s. Only takes a few seconds.http://interac.ca/en/interac-e-transfer-faq.html

  36. do you do Montreal delivery? or Pick up?

    1. Mail order only

  37. How do I pick my 10 grams for the 10 grams starter pack

  38. I placed an order a few days ago it was on hold but now it seems to have disappeared. Did it get canceled?

    1. We only keep orders on hold for 48 hours.

  39. Allo, J’ai essayer de trouver l’information, mais je n’ai pas trouver c’est quoi le minimum requis pour la livraison?

    1. $50 minimum sil vous plait.

  40. Hi there,

    I put an order before sending my ID.It seems that the order has been confirmed.I only learned after that I needed to put in my ID so I just sent it.Would it be an issue or is it still ok

  41. how many milligrams are the vape pens usually?

  42. Will you eventually restock the morrocan blonde hash? I would definitely buy more of that.

    1. This week 🙂

  43. I had all kind of problems with another site *cough cough*, my parcels were being seized all the time at post canada, never received anything. I’m scared that I might have the same issue with you guys, am I right to be concerned ?

  44. When will I be excepted? It’s been a while now

    1. Your account is active.

  45. What’s the lastest time to order so it will go out today

  46. Hi, can you tell me if your are close on Monday because i i try to contact info@stressfreedelivery.ca by Email but never have any response? Alain

    1. On est ouvert le chum! Quess quon peut faire pour toi?

      1. Merci mais tout viens de s’arranger je vais pouvoir passer une autre commande cette après-midi mais merci pour ta réponse le chum.

  47. Salut, est-ce que tu pourrais me dire quand vous allez refaire le plein de LIBANAIS BLOND ? Et j’ai vue que vous aviez déjà eu en stock du LIBANAIS ROUGE alors penses-tu que vous allez en avoir dans un avenir rapproché parce que j’en ai vue à vendre au B.C. et j’ai vue du Himalayen et si je connais bien ma géographie L’Himalaya et le Népal c’est pas mal dans le même coin du monde JE CROIS mais PAS SÛR. Alors je vais attendre ta réponse pour savoir quand vous allez refaire le plein de LIBANAIS BLOND et peut-être même du ROUGE. Bonne Journée.

    1. a soir mais tres limité comme quantitée!!

  48. Waiting for green crack pen! When is the next restock? Thanks!

    1. New pens in stock tomorrow! New flavors, new strains, and new vape juice to be stocked as well.

  49. Hi, I know this must sound weird, but I need to consult with someone before I order anything, in summary, it is my first time in Canada, I am going through an insomnia period, but I have no idea on products, and honestly it’s also my first time ordering, ever, I usually use to smoke hash from my friends, on occasions, so I have no idea what I want, in addition I would like to ask if there are alternatives to delivery to my house address, anyway bottom line is I have a lot of questions, I saw that you guys have a live chat, if talking to someone on the phone is difficult, but I could find it. Can someone advise. Thank you in advance

  50. ive been waiting for blue dream e-vape to be back instock. how long until it comes back, as well as the other e-vape that are curently out of stock?

  51. Je ne m’attend pas à recevoir une réponse mais il faut quand même que je vous fasse part de mon expériance chez vous…
    La semaine passé j’ai commandé 3 sortes de Hash (Order #19643, 24 July 2018) quand vous m’avez envoyé la facture les prix avaient changé pour plus cher??
    Genre le 2 grammes de Red Gum était passé de 52$ à 60$ et le super népalais et le libanais blond aussi étaient rendu plus cher…
    J’aimerais bien savoir pourquoi vous affichez un certain pris et quand on passe la commande le prix change??
    J’aimerais aussi savoir pourquoi votre prix de shipping est beaucoup plus cher que sur les autres sites ou je commande?
    Et dernière question, j’aimerais bien aussi savoir pourquoi vous chargez un prix de taxe aussi exorbitant??
    Comment pouvez vous charger de la taxe quand c’est même pas encore légale??
    Je serais probablement votre meilleur client, mais à cause de toute ces raisons je ne suis pas sur que je vais repasser une commande chez vous et je trouve ça crissement dommage pcq vous avez du maudit bon Hash 🙁
    J’habite à Mtl moi aussi c’est pas possible de faire un pick up pour sauver le prix du shipping?

  52. bonjour…l adresse naturesbest1@protonmail.com ne fonctionne pas pour le virement(trop long)

  53. How long does it normally take for account approval? Also i used a provincial ID as my proof

  54. Hi do i need a medical prescription to order or 18 years old is good

    1. Hey there,
      18 years old is good with a id

  55. M39 will return ever? :0

    1. Hey there,
      don’t say ever but not for now

  56. Still operating after the 17th ?

    1. Hey there,
      Yes business as usual.

  57. Post-legalization mess, are you still in business? There’s suddenly no hashish!

    1. yes business as usual

  58. Comment dois-je procéder pour télécharger ma pièce d’identité? Aussi, y a-t-il un courriel/mot de passe particulier que je dois utiliser pour le transfert interac? C’est la première fois que je commande ici. Merci! -M

    1. Bonjour Magalie,
      besoin d’info
      ecrit nous sur info@stressfreedelivery.ca

  59. I’ll be traveling up to Montreal for new years, but I’m American. Can I still get delivery to my airbnb or do I need to go to a retail store? If I can get it shipped, is same day available?

    1. Hey there,
      impossible same day delivery.
      we using xpresspost with canada post, normally between 1-3 days delivery

  60. How many puffs are in a preloaded epen?

    1. around 200 puff,but don’t overheat it, take some time off between.

  61. Do you ship to the west coast?

  62. How long until I receive confirmation that my application to be a member has been accepted?

  63. was just waiting to be accepted was wonder how long that’s all (I already made sure its marked as not junk.)

  64. cant wait to order been looking for moonrocks and others just wating to see how long till i get accepted i hope it takes only a day

  65. Hi there, when I try to upload my ID it continuously says its invalid. It is in the right formats and everything. Let me know what I can do to help

    1. Bonsoir! J’ai acheté du GDP en novembre dernier et j’aimerais savoir si vous prévoyez en avoir prochainement.


      En passant, vos produits sont d’excellente qualité et votre service est impeccable 🙂

      1. BOnjour Magali,
        nous essayons de mettre en stock des produits populaires comme le GDP, et des nouvelles strains aussi.
        mais pour le GDP nous regardons mais pas pour l’instant

  66. Are you still open?

    1. Hey Mark
      yes we still open

  67. I got my parcel on time, great undetectable packaging 👌🏽 ! We hit the purple candy and it’s really good !
    And we got a free cinnamon cookie 🔝🌈? Thannnks ! You guys are the best !

  68. Peut aller chercher directement je reste à 25km de Montréal ?

  69. Hi I placed an order and sent the money but I never got an email confirmation. I checked my junk/spam as well and did not find anything.

    1. Hey there,
      we got some email issues, everything is back, what was your order number please

  70. I sent you guys a request for verification a few minutes ago, I’m looking to purchase RSO for my sister’s colon cancer and would like to know how long this verification process takes. Thank you in advance.

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