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  1. Yay for SFD!!!! Yummy yummy Nebula and gummy bears!!!! Thx for everything 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed them!

      1. Received my vap today. Very fast service. Now to try it. Thanks.

      2. The RSO is the best quality I have ever had. I have been living with MS for the last 10 years and this is the only product that helps me sleep. The product was shipped out the same day as the order. Thanks a million!!!!

      3. Hi guys

        Good and fast service !
        Silver haze is quite good but Blue Dream is the best according to me ! great taste and nice creative buzz.

        À bientôt

        1. Bonjour Christian
          A bientot

    2. Made my first order ln & now she’s in the mail! Awaiting the goodies ? thx for the courteous call to let me know the changes ??

    3. Merci a l’équipe bon service ,rapide,et sans stress produit de qualité et un
      extra Excellent,,, et a la prochaine



    4. Hi, This is my first time ordering from stressfree and I am most IMPRESSED with the quality of their products and service. Thank you very much. Finally, some quality hash! Even though there was a storm, my packaged still arrived on time. I’m so happy! To be honest, I was a tad lost during the whole ordering process, being new to online ordering, but the lads at stressfree were more than helpful. If anyone is considering using stressfree, I would encourage you to order right away. And enjoy the good times. Jimmy B

      1. Totally agree just amazing the hash smells absolutely fantastic and delivered super fast

      2. Same here even in snow storm,strikes,Christmas holidays….the very good services and the product are good.its like 120%. 😂.

    5. Just received my order, couldn’t be happier! Love love love the zombie og shatter. I have never had such an intense indica before! Will be ordering again and will recommend to anyone looking for a reliable seller!

    6. Great product. Very fast service got everything the next day. This site is the real deal.
      Very happy

    7. Where do I begin? ALL LOVE, TO MY BROTHERS AT SFD! 1st order little bit of blue cheese, little bit a grandady purple. Just smoked some cheese hahahahahhaha love it!!!!! I’ve been smokn a long time 35+ yrs, it’s so good me speechless man. Customer forever

    8. I’ve ordered from these guys twice and always received my order earlier than expected, and they even gave me a complimentary nug for Halloween, which honestly made made my day. Flawless service. Ill continue using 💓

    9. Wow amazing came so fast
      Incredable blonde leb smells great just really blown away 1st time scoring like this wow just to cool like I said never smelt anything like it.

    10. bon produit en général assez satisfait sauf pour le hash libanai que je nai pas apprécier

    11. j ai acheter du dark gums jamaican trées bon gout et bon buzz mais mon xtrem rock que je vous ai commander et vraimen hot ca sa buzz avoir du weed qui gel comme du xtrem sa serait super jai plusieur années de fumage (22 ans )dérieere moi et les produit en général son assez bon

  2. $125 for an ounce of more than decent quality weed for the price.If you’re on a budget like me, try the blue afghan and you will be surprised for the price.

  3. Hells yeah! About time a decent MoM ships out the east coast and thanks for the free gift!!

    1. Thanks for choosing us!!!!

  4. Just tried SFD for the first time and I’m enjoying my first order. I will mosdef re-order soon.THX guys!

  5. all and all pretty pleased with the flowers i got today these guys are worth checking out

    1. Thanks for the review!

  6. First time using a MoM, the support was great fast and responsive, the shipping was fast, the only downside was the package left a little odor not very noticeable but not entirely odor free. I will definitely reorder from SFD again.

    1. Right on, we are double sealing as of now.Thanks for your comments. You have been entered in our draw.

  7. I got my Order earlier this week from I was intrigued because I live in on the East Coast so I wanted to see the shipping time. I sent the order on a Sunday and got it on a Tuesday! Amazing.

    The product is great and the prices were pretty good but overall good value. The best thing about SFD is their customer service, if you go and have any questions they have friendly staff that answers when they are available. For me, that was under 10 minutes!

    My order:
    Blue Dream Shatter
    Yeti OG (organic)
    Quantum Kush (Organic)
    Betty Potter Gummies (Lemon flavor)

    Very legit try them out!

    1. Right on bud! Glad you enjoyed it and you have been entered in our monthly draw. For an extra chance at the draw, please leave a review on reddit. I see you’ve already done that! You have been entered 2 times for our monthly draw. Thanks again for trusting us

  8. One of the best providers out there, and in the east coast, whaaat? Delivery is prompt, there is always someone available on the chat, and the product is high quality.

    I’m non stop impressed.

    1. Glad to hear and thanks for the kind words. You have been entered in our monthly draw.

  9. I picked up a couple of budget strains. They were really solid for the price. I’d be interested in trying their higher end strains to see how they compare with the AAAA+ strains offered from other MOMs I’ve ordered from in the past. Will order again, had awesome customer service guiding me along the way through an issue with Canada Post, nothing that was their fault.

    1. Glad CP finally figured their s**t out. Try our candy kush and our 2 organic strains, those will knock your socks off!! Thanks for the review!!!!

  10. Made an order last week and got it in less than 24 hours ! Tried the half oz sample pack and was very impressed by the quality for the price of each strain that i tried . The organic yeti og is as good if not better than other moms that i tried that are selling AAAA for over 250$ . Also bought some m39 and ppp to see what it looks like and it was pretty much what i was expecting for the price !

    Cheers !

  11. Ordered an ounce of m39 and kosher kush was very impressed by the quality and very impressed on the cuatomer service i received. Have a long time customer for sure

  12. Ordered two ounces og Freezeland Outdoor, Finally not popcorn buds yay!!
    I am located in Ottawa, One day shipping for 15$ is well worth it to me. EASY to use website, great communication and response times. overall would recommend 9/10

  13. Ordering whit them was a breeze No problem what so ever and superb communication

    The red lebanese hash is good and those sweet kurupts moonrock will send you fly lol

    Im so happy a made a review on reddit lol thank you SFD

    Merci beaucoup

    1. We’re glad to hear! Thank you so much!!

  14. Stress Free Delivery ★★★★★


    Ordering: Smooth and easy. Site is simple and well built. Getting accepted as a customer is not long at all(took a couple hours max for me). Just need to send a valid governement ID and it’s done(they even encourage you to hide sensible information and just let them see your photo and birthdate). Free shipping on orders over 200$. Delivery was fast: shipped thursday noon and arrived friday morning(I’m 1 hour away from the shipping location so that was expected).

    Communication: A+++. I ordered an oz of Blueberry(160$) and one oz of Freezeland(80$) on wednesday morning. Wednesday night, my phone rang. It was Steve from SFD(super friendly dude btw) apologizing because they normally ship same day and couldn’t do it this time. He offered me to upgrade my Blueberry(Indica) to White Kush(Indica too) for the same price(even if the White Kush is 40$ pricier). I accepted. Package was shipped Thursday noon.

    Packaging: Absolutely nothing to say about it. Perfect IMO. Goes like that: Canada Post envelope, 2 pieces of cardboard on each side, brown envelope, double vacuum sealed and ziploc for each strain after that. Pictures of each layer here:

    Product/Price: White Kush is an absolute charm(even for the normal price of 200$ in my humble opinion). Left a review on the site but don’t know if it’s been approved yet(link here, same name as here:

    For the Freezeland, it’s exactly what you would expect from an 80$ ounce. Some nugs are a little too dry, stemy, not particularly beautiful. Didn’t smoke it yet but was surprised by the nice smell. Seems like a good deal.

    Incentivized?: Nothing I’m aware of. Except for the 10% discount on first order with the code ”first10”.

    Would totally recommend. Super friendly experience and excellent weed for the price.


    Commande: Ultra simple et facile. Le site est bien fait et facile à naviguer. Se faire accepter comme client a vraiment pas été long dans mon cas(quelques heures tout au plus). Il faut juste envoyer une pièce d’identité gouvernementale et le tour est joué. Ils nous encouragent même à cacher les informations ”sensibles” et à juste laisser le nom/la photo/la date de naissance de visibles. La livraison est gratuite avec les commandes de 200$ et plus(sinon 15$ Xpresspost). Très rapide: ça a été envoyé jeudi midi et vendredi matin j’avais la paquet dans ma boîte aux lettres. J’habite à environ 1h du lieu de départ donc évidemment je m’attendais à ça.

    Communication: Clairement un point fort. J’avais commandé une once de Blueberry(160$) et une autre de Freezeland extérieur(80$) mercredi matin tôt. Mercredi soir, mon téléphone sonne: c’était Steve de SFD(vraiment un cool humain) qui s’excusait parce qu’ils envoient normalement les commandes la même journée mais qu’ils n’ont pas pus le faire cette fois. Il m’offrait donc de remplacer mon once de Blueberry(Indica) pour du White Kush(Indica aussi) tout à fait gratuitement même si le White Kush est 40$ de plus. J’ai donc accepté.

    Emballage: Parfait selon moi. Rien à redire de ce côté. C’était emballé comme suit: enveloppe standard de Postes Canada, un morceau de carton de chaque côté à l’intérieur, enveloppe brune, deux sacs sous vide et un ziploc de bonne qualité pour chaque variété. Photos ici:

    Produit/prix: Le White Kush est délicieux. J’ai laissé une évaluation qui je pense n’a pas encore été approuvée sur la page du produit. Vous pouvez/pourrez la trouver ici:

    Pour ce qui est du Freezeland, c’est exactement ce à quoi on peut s’attendre d’une once de pot à 80$. Certaines cocottes sont un peu trop sèches, pas mal de branches et pas le plus beau weed. Par contre, j’ai été surpris par l’odeur qui est très nice. J’en ai pas encore fumé mais ça me semble un très bon deal pour le prix.

    Incitatifs: pas à ma connaissance, excepté pour le 10% de rabais sur la première commande avec le code ”first10”.

    Je recommande grandement. Expérience A+, autant pour le service que le produit.

  15. Ordered Monday and just received my package today !! Thanks for the free sample, it’s much appreciated. The substitutes because of low stock stock are spot on! ? Thanks again !

  16. I am super impressed with the speed of my delivery, I received my package today and only placed my order yesterday! The quality of the buds and shtater I got is outstanding. Stressfree is definitely my go to mail order from now on.

  17. Ordered Thursday morning, tracking number was quickly supplied. Ordered a quarter of kosher, super skunk and rockstar. Got Bubba as a replacement for kosher but no complaints here. 1 day to Ontario was very quick and discrete. Overall the buds are top notch, and overall good pricing. I will be ordering again.. Thanks

  18. Ordered some decent bud for 175 pot of gold. First the bud itself looked quite nice incoated with plenty of trichomes it is a little airy but yet there are also some nice sized nugs. The smoke itself was white-ish, greyish ash which shows that the grower definitely took some time into flushing and curing, a slightly harsh smoke but it sends you off your feet for sure. Overall id rate the bud 10/10 due to the fantastic price because the quality certainly matches it.

  19. WOO! 5/5

    Tried the 100$ M-39 to start small and try this whole MoM biz. Thoroughly impressed with SFD. Ordered Thursday around 12pm Nova Scotia time. Order was processed in under an hour and shipped from the PO by the time I checked at work a few hours later. I reached out to thank them for just that and got a quick reply that I would be receiving better weed than I ordered due to stock running out. Well now it’s Monday morning and I’m completely stoned off a couple puffs of M-39 ‘royale’ . Tight buds, some huge ones, no shake at all. Piney dank odor, but not through the super discreet vacuum packaging, 5/5 on all fronts here. Even got a .5 extra which does not happen locally here. Fully satisfied, can’t believe the price I paid.


  20. 5/5 on all fronts!

    Decided to go with SFD to try this whole MoM scene, being in Nova Scotia. Placed a small order of the 100$ ounce of M-39 at noon Thursday. Processed immediately and shipped FROM the PO by the time i checked later at work. I reached out to thank them for that, and quickly got word back that what I ordered ran out and I would be pleasantly surprised with some ‘royale’ aka way better weed. well now it’s noon monday and im completely head-wrecked off two puffs of this stuff. super discreet packaging to mask the piney dank odour. Super impressed that I paid 100$ for this. Even got a .5 extra which does not happen locally. Super super super impressed all around. Thanks for making my first order way less nerve-wracking than some reviews of some places I’ve seen. WOOO!

    1. You’re welcome!

  21. 5/5!

    I’ve tried a few other MoMs and this is my favourite by far! So many good things, I think it might just be easier to list them in bullet points:
    -Delivery + Packaging I ordered on Sunday night (really more like Monday morning), and I received my package on Tuesday afternoon. Fastest delivery of any service BY FAR. Packaging is stealthy, simple, and smell-free. A few nugs came a little squished but that’s a non-issue.
    -Communication. Steve got in touch with me Monday to let me know that they were low on the Blue Dream shatter and offered to sub in pretty much anything. I was a little bummed ’cause I had read such good things about that specific shatter, but the replacement flowers I got MORE than make up for it. We’re talking numerous extra Gs here. The Yeti OG Organic is super tasty 5/5.
    -Prices. The M39 Royale is a steal. The nugs are DENSE and coated with crystals. Has a real dank smell, like good hydro. The Freezeland has huge nugs… but if it didn’t look like weed, I would not be able to tell that it was weed. It smells like you walked into a freshly cleaned barn.

    The buds were all great, with Yeti OG being king. If you’re looking for bang for your buck, I’d get the M39 over the Freezeland. Buds are also not super-dry like I’ve seen with other MoMs.

    Extremely satisfied overall. They put a grin on my face with a personalized message inside the inner package. Will be ordering again for sure.

  22. 5/5
    Hello, I’ the kind of man that if I’m not broke I always want AAAA or strongest flowers in the market. I bought 1/2 oz of Candy and 1/2 of White Kush from SFD. Both are top notch and give me me a good taste and powerful high. For me, the Candy from SFD is the champion and I try before others good reputations MOM’s strong strains. Fast shipping, good packaging, nice and good smelling buds, good pricing, SFD is now my favourite MOM. Also, Steve is fast on the chat to gives good tips. Next month Steve I will try 3/4 of oz of your best Indica dominant hybrid and 1/4 of oz of your best sativa hybrid dominant. Super impressed.

  23. ★★★★

    Let me just start off by saying this was my first experience with a MOM website and if you were wondering, YES i was nervous lol and NO nothing happened, except I got my trees lol. Ordering: Simple process, the chat feature let me talk directly to the guy who accepted my membership, he also assured me they delete ID info after processing.
    Communication: Like I mentioned the chat feature was great and they accepted my payment the next day and sent me the tracking information a few hours later.
    Packaging: It came in a bubble wrapped Canada Post package, inside a box, freezer sealed 2 separate times and then each of my Trees were in a separate bag, also double bagged. Works great for me.
    Product/Price: I ordered a slight variety just to see what the cheap stuff is like and what the more expensive stuff was like. I ordered a half ounce of M39 Royale which was 60$ (amazing deal), an ounce of Candy Kush which was 190$, and a gram of their blue dream shatter which was 30$ (also great deal). Let me start off by saying I was a bit surprised to find that the M39 Royale was a nice as it was! It had nice dense buds, busted up great, burned clean, ashed white, I am very very pleased with the M39! The Blue dream shatter is also killer and very stable! I really like this stuff because you can tell its made right. I only smoke diamond concentrates and exclusive extracts because I find them the cleanest tasting and smoking and this Blue Dream fit right in. Now for the Candy Kush, I was not impressed I must say, The buds smell amazing and are pretty covered in crystal but I do not enjoy the smoke of this bud nearly as much. Maybe I am too picky but I even noticed that half way through the joints it starts to go out and burn with a darker/black ash. IT doesn’t hit smooth either which I must say is a bit disappointing for the price. The buds are very airy and this isn’t necessarily a problem but it is also quite a bit leafy which I never like! (I pick the leafs off so Im usually left with a few grams out of the bag that I deem “unsmokable” lol)
    Incentivized?: No, I found a coupon code for 10% off first order on here.
    Notes: After I’ve had time to smoke all the bud and try the shatter I would say I very much enjoyed the M39 and the shatter but the Candy Kush just wasn’t worth over double what the M39 cost. I guess I was expecting more bang for the buck. Overall I would recomend their services, maybe this chat feature is a great way to find out and ask about particular strains so the same thing doesnt happen to you.
    Reviewed by: /u/nd09gs

  24. Fast service and shipping! Great product, at very reasonable prices too. I registered my account and placed my first order after regular business hours. Not only was my account accepted almost instantly, my payment was accepted and order processed within an hour of creating my account! Order was shipped with tracking number just after noon the next day!
    I had a small issue with a delay and actually received a call from Steve at SFD to inform me there was a massive snow storm near the end of the week and reassured me I would receive my order as soon as CP was back to normal delivery. Today is Monday and have received my package!
    I strongly recommend SFD, give them a message on the chat feature and they will get right back to you!

  25. Got my first order today (2 days) these guys are legit!! Ordered purple kush , candy kush and some yeti Og. All 3 are killer and even nicer than the pictures!! The yeti is a real treat *****’s forsure!!thanks sfd ?

  26. Received my first order the day after it was shipped. Great customer service. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the M39. Also got the Freezeland which was not nearly as good, but it was OK in a vaporizer.

  27. thanks for the great service. this whole process was fast and easy. looks like my normal dealer lost business lol

    love this!

  28. Stress free delivery

    I’ve got nothing bad to say about stress free delivery. This is my first ever MOM order and couldn’t be happier with the whole process.

    I registered late on a Friday night and was accepted and had an order placed in less than an hour, the package was packed up on the weekend and in the mail Monday.
    I ordered the half ounce sampler pack. When I ordered it I wrongly assumed that it would contain sativa’s and indica’s. When I realized my mistake I emailed and asked if it would be possible to add/ or swap out trainwreck for one of the indica’s and got an answer back very quickly and he said he would switch one out for me which I was quite happy with.

    I ended up getting trainwreck, super skunk, yeti OG and bubba kush. Like I said is is my first order and I’m new to smoking after a 7-8 year hiatus so I’m new to shopping for weed and not just getting whatever ditch weed the dealer in high school had haha so I’ll just let the pics do the talking for each strain.

    Packaging was very discrete, double vacuum sealed, with cardboard in the mailer, couldn’t smell a thing till I cut it open.

    I’ll definitely be ordering again with SFD very soon, want to try out a vape pen and some edibles!

  29. I will be a frequent SFD customer! Living in Toronto, I ordered Wednesday night and my package was here Friday just after lunch with plenty of time for a 4:20 session! Grabbed an OZ of M39 Royal. Unbelievable for the price! Great for budget blazer’s! Great Customer service! Best of any MOM I’ve used!

    Still waiting for another budget OZ from a West coast M.O.M. I ordered from over 10 days ago and will likely take another week to arrive (because of an issue on their end) so I’m really appreciative of SFD’s speed due to it being located in Montreal. Perfect for us in Ontario and along the East Coast! No more overpriced “weed clinics” around the city or risk using street dealers!


  30. Wow, SFD has truly taken all the anxiety out of ordering online. Every order comes in quickly with a CP tracking number. The packaging is smellproof.

    Furthermore I am in love with their potent, affordable and discreet disposable shatter pens Wish I could get more strains though, having an indica filled vape-pen ready to go at all times for those insomnies would be a tremendous blessing.

    Keep up the good work.

  31. Cheers for the service. I got 14g of Iced Widow and was very pleased with it for the price. Will be ordering again soon, thinking of the M39 Royale because of the reviews and price.

  32. Merci SFD. Aides très très appréciées par un novice, communications et réponses dans des temps très respectables, livraison rapide ayant comme résultat un produit digne des dieux. À la prochaine fois…

  33. Got my first order, consisting of Trainwreck and Hindu Kush in the mailbox today, as expected. The smells (after cutting open the seal) bring me back to the ’80s. They weighed out properly and both strains have nice heady buds. I crushed some Hindu Kush and put it in my trusty PAX 2, took a few drags and am feeling a nice buzz. Here’s to lots more business with SFD. I’d say more good things but I think I’ll go relax a bit 🙂

  34. Wow, je suis impressionné. Livraison le lendemain (Rive-sud de Montreal). Produits de qualité. Ma commande: chocolat, Marocain, Super Skunk et 2 vape-pen.
    Service exceptionnel et rapide. Je recommande fortement!

  35. Fantastic MOM, was processed quickly and shipped the next day, will def be buying again.

  36. The M39 Royal was frostier than frosty the snow man.

  37. Wowww!!! J’ai commandé sur ce site 2 fois jusqu’à maintenant et le produit est superbe et de grande qualité!!
    La livraison est ultra rapide et c’est fiable.
    merci SFD 🙂

    Je recommande sans hésité!!

  38. 5/5! Received my first order a week ago, so impressed I placed another today, great stuff!

  39. My package was shipped late Mon afternoon and was at my Ontario PO by 10:00 am Wed morning.

    Packaging (5/5) was smell-proof and very discreet.

    Communication and Customer Service (5/5) was prompt and very helpful. I especially like the live chat feature. Even if SFD is offline, I would hit the up arrow, leave a message and they were usually able to respond almost right away.

    SFD have gone out of their way to make my first shopping experience with them a very pleasant one. I will be back.

    If you live in Eastern Canada, these guys are definitely worth checking out.

  40. Hey guys! I just want to post a quick review of StressFreeDelivery.
    Okay, so if you’re reading this, maybe you’re considering… Well let me get straight to the point. You will NOT be disappointed.
    Steve is a top notch guy who is amazing at communicating to the customers.
    Some days I just came to the site to sit and talk to the guy. You’ll never find that service elsewhere.

    Now, in regards to the weed, that’s a different story…………….
    jk it’s honestly amazing. I used to buy cheap locally and I still prefer this. The green is absolutely amazing.
    You get what you ask for. They even throw in some samples from time and again.
    So far I’ve purchased Trainwreck, M39 and Freezeland.

    Unreal headbuzz. Smoke this if you don’t enjoy sitting down in your couch zoned out. Intensive headbuzz. Oh, and also, fresh as ****.

    For 110$ an ounce, even if you’re getting something else, TRY THIS! – It’s good for the price. Wait, not good… shall I say it again? AMAZING…

    Now, for $80 an ounce you’re getting what you pay for. Put this into your edibles and feel it for days. Unfortunately the look isn’t the best, but it definitely feels good. Try this if it’s your first time buying a larger quantity (ounce being larger for rookies).

  41. Review of Stress free delivery
    Like many other may reports, SFD is I think the best Mom if you live on east coast and got one of the best buds at the best price!

    Product : I orded 1 oz of super silver haze and 1 oz of m39 royal and i gotta say it is the best m39 ever ; super dense nugs, well grown, burn white ash its just the best for the price. Cant beat it. In the package I didnt got 1 oz super silver haze because they had run out but steve gave me the rest a good 1-2g probably witch was super dank and smelled sweet lemon and i got really high from it. I wanted to order super silver haze because it was my first time trying it and wanted a strong sativa so thanks for letting me at least try the rest. Cheers man! He instead gave me a good ounce of trainwreck witch is just super dank too and I even got some extra weed in the ounces it was just really great. I am reaply satisfied and i will definetly buy again thanks steve! 5/5

    Shipping : 24 hours what can i say more. product wasnt even crushed or anything it was just perfect i am totaly satisfied

    Communication : he seems to do pretty good in the buisness answers all questions fast send tracking super fast too unlike other moms and he seems really proffesional

    Overall: I would advise anyone to buy from him he can only become bigger witch means better. A great 5/5 for everything.

  42. My first experience ordering online couldn’t have been made easier thanks to SFD. Ordered the M39, and was nervous as hell. I live in a VERY rural community in NS, and it came a day early, packaged discreetly and professionally. The product itself is great. I am not a connoisseur smoker, so this is just right for me. Mixed with a bit of my outdoor, and I’m good to go. Return customer for sure. Thanks again.

  43. Canada Post sucks but SFD is awesome. Got some God’s Green Crack and some M39 Royale. Very happy, just in time for 420.

  44. Places my order Friday morning and was stoked to see it come in Monday afternoon (I’m in Ontario) Bought an oz of the m39 Royale. It was a good thing it was double vacuum sealed because the first one was ripped open. The M39 is way better than I expected, and for the price it was a steal. Has some pretty big stems unfortunately and I was shorted 3gs which bummed me out!

  45. I Like the Sign Saying, stress free delivery that was fast delivery without stress and the staff was Very good I Rate this 5of5 Thank you SFD

  46. If you have spring cleaning, odd jobs that have been sitting all winter, etc., the Trainwreck is a good companion.

  47. Picked up a couple of things:
    Yeti: Wicked dense buds, clean smoke, tasty.
    Trainwreck: hard little nugs, clean smoke, pleasant aroma.
    Green Crack Vape: not really effective, top cap wasnt clipped in.

  48. Did my first order about 2 weeks ago, and I was so pleased! I ordered on a Wednesday and received the following Monday. The super silver haze was amazing, I also really enjoyed the trainwreck and white kush. Will definitely be ordering again soon, thanks for the good quality buds and good customer service as well (responded immediately when I emailed with a question).

  49. 1/2 Oz M39 = $60

    ★★★★★ 5/5

    Ordering: Pretty easy process. Applied for membership and was accepted within half an hour. Placed an order at 4:45 PM on Tuesday, received a tracking number at 10:30 AM Wednesday, and the product arrived at 10:30 AM Thursday.
    Communication: I didn’t send any emails to the company, but they notified me of developments to my account/order regularly; helped put my mind at ease that the process was moving smoothly, since this was my first time ordering from a MOM
    Packaging: Came in a Canada Post bubble mailer. Inside was a large manilla envelope between two pieces of cardboard. Inside the envelope was a double vacuum sealed Ziploc baggie. I was a little concerned about the packaging a) fitting in my apartment mailbox and b) being discreet and odorless. In both cases I was pleased with the result: the 1/2 oz was well packed — compact but not squished at all. There was no detectable odor until I got to the Ziploc.
    Product: The earthy smell instantly brought up memories of youthful summer nights smoking outside past curfew. The product can’t be said to be the tippy-top of the cannabis world, but I think that for the price it’s great value. I generally smoke very moderate amounts, so A++ cannabis is usually too strong for me anyway. If you’re only an occasional smoker, I think that this product will probably suit your needs, and it certainly won’t break the bank. More heavy users will likely find its potency a bit lacking, but for the price it would be a great choice for homemade edibles.
    Incentivized?: Used promo code “first10” for 10% discount.

    I have absolutely no complaints about my experience, and I will probably be ordering from them again in the future (I’d like to try out their vape pens next time, I think)

  50. I ordered an ounce of Gods Green Crack and that was very good (I left a more detailed comment on the strain). I also got a small amount of Bubba (not Bubba OG), and Hindu. the Bubba was very nice, it was light green with a coat of crystal. trimmed fairly well and smelt how it should. the Hindu is a fair amount cheaper and less impressive looking but I thought it was pretty good, and was comparable to the Bubba. Over all, my first order with these guys was very good. I had high expectation and they were met.

  51. I ordered their 2 different vape pens and received the order in less than 5 days which is great! Good products, loooking forward to try new stuff and check their 420 specials at FSD 🙂

  52. got my package only took 1 day for delivery great product no complaints will order again.

  53. Extremely satisfied, order came in less than 24 hrs, nice packaging, will order again

  54. Lovely prices and amazing bud! Friendly staff and my package got here in one damn day! I know who i’m using from now on ^_^

  55. Very impressed!!!!!! Spreading the word 🙂

  56. Very satisfied with my purchase. high quality products for a great price!!!! loving the concentrates. Look no further stress free delivery is the answer to all your cannabis needs!

  57. WoW ca marche vraiment lolll jai reçu en une journée très bon le train wreck un de mes préférés à date . Excellent service rapide de qualité je recommande fortement

  58. I was tired of going through dispensaries in BC, found this site which is located in Quebec and i’ll never turn back. Fast shipping to Ontario(2 days), Tracking number worked right away, you can order small amounts which is great for first time buyers who are hesitant and customer service seemed minutes away. A+++ site, will be ordering again.

  59. I savor, result in I discovered just what I was looking for.

    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  60. Ordered a half oz of God’s Green Crack on the 18th, and had it delivered to me on 4/20. Amazing shipping speed.
    The packaging was discreet as well, and there was no trace smell of mj.

    I was a little less satisfied with the quality of GGC this time, maybe it’s because I’m used to ordering from another vendor – but I will try to order again sometime. The customer service, payments, and prices were all good, and I guess I just had a one-off experience, because it seems SFD is very well loved.

    Probably going to order some more from you in the future, thanks.

  61. Second time ordering, same great service and product. Arrived a day early as usual. They sent me extra weight of God’s Green Crack by accident, and when I informed them, they simply told me to enjoy :). The nugs on the M 39 are pretty tiny, but for the price and quality, its not really an issue. Thanks so much again SFD ! As an East Coaster it’s great to have you guys around!

  62. I’ve been very impressed with my experience with SFD. Now I finally understand the essence of what is meant by ‘stress free.’ I never have to worry about meeting up with a sketchy dealer in a parking lot of a Canadian tire ever again, now I walk my dog to the mail box and pick up my bud, and no risk on my end at all.

  63. Ordered Sunday, received Wednesday, customer service great, responded to questions promptly…..product was exactly what I asked for…will recommend to my friends and to you reading this.

  64. Outstanding. Was my first order so I got the 10g taster and a 1g Moonrock for kickers. Sadly the Moonrock went out of stock, and a substitution of Yeti OG was sent. I couldn’t have been happier 🙂 HIGHLY recommend the Yeti OG! Thanks SFD for making this such an easy experience!

  65. Just signed up today. I placed a small order, I’m looking forward to my delivery.
    I ordered;
    Girl Scout Cookie
    Gods Green Crack.
    I’ll post a review once I’ve tried em out.

  66. Got my order of GGC and GSC today. Very fast and easy delivery. I’m super stoked. Tried GGC, nice buzz and it’s takes away A lot of my anxiety. I’ve got PTSD and this has been the smoothest and best smoke I’ve had. I’ll be buying from SFD again. 10/10. Thank you!

  67. These guys, these guys right here know how it’s done. Product and service are the name of the game here. No flashy packaging or gimmicks, only excellent flowers at the BEST quality/price ratio you will found out there. Shipping, stealth, product, service, response time, and selection are all on point. Really though, it’s the customer service that keeps me coming back. SFD treats thier customers like family, and that is rare and far between in a market such as this. The name Stress Free is perfect – I would have no qualms recommending them to anyone looking for good quality medicine.

  68. A++ prices
    A++ service
    Stress free delivery indeed
    A+ buds

  69. Got My order Today from SFD, Great Shipping and Fast Handling and the product is amazing! Keep up the good work!

  70. I’m super late postong this review but my last order was fantastic. The freezland outdoor was mediocre and 1 oz made for some okay coconut oil edibles worth the $75. Yeti OG was a nice strong indica. My favourite was without a doubt the Quantum kush. Just looking at the bud made me smile.

  71. Sorry I’m french speaking, I am a first time user on your website and I just received my order, I would like to say a big THANK YOU and that I will definetly reorder from you guys! If it was possible at this moment I would take all of you in my arms and never let you go!

  72. Very good product and very fast delivery !

  73. After reading some good reviews on Reddit I decided to give this site a try. Was very impressed with prices and quality. My first order had some small mistakes but they made up for it with the next one so I can’t complain. Already have my 3rd order in, Shatter , green, hash, all seems good. Thanks SFD for making it easy to get what we need! My number one supplier currently.

  74. Registered and placed my first order Thursday night and received it, from Montreal, to the Toronto area on Monday – INCREDIBLE service (note also – tracking number sent out within hours of placing order)!! Just tried the pineapple express – oh yaaaaahhhh….
    I have been ordering from a BC based firm the last 4 years, but with your AAA+ customer service, broader selection, AND better prices – I will definitely be using you again! Thanks so much!!

  75. I ordered a package on a Thursday and the package arrived at 1:50 pm on a Monday, so great shipping and they upragraded my wax so appreciate that as well. Overall good prices for good quality product

  76. Wow jai essaye plusieurs sorte et jamais j’ai été déçu la qualité est impressionnante la variété alléchante je le recommande à tout le monde . Mes préféré pineapple XPress ,girl scout cookie,kushberry ,pineapple crunk hummmmm finalement son toute bon lollll merci SFF et petite suggestion pour SFD vous devriez sortir un kit avec un g de toute vos plus les bonbon et tous je crois que plusieurs d’entre nous aimerais entk moi je veux toute essayer hahahha

  77. Super quick shipping, hopefully edibles are back in stock soon.

  78. Received my first order today, and boy am I happy! My package arrived in discreet packaging, which is a good thing cause as soon as I opened it… holy! I ordered 2 strains, Blue Dream and Blue Afghani. Both had more than the advertised amount in the bag and they look/smell/ work great!! I bought the Blue Afghani because it was cheap, graded as a “B”. I see no problems with it, huge nugs with lots of crystal. There’s absolutely nothing bad I can say about the Blue Dream either. Definitely better deals than I can get locally. I will be ordering again very soon! I’ve never tried shatter so maybe I’ll have to get some!! Thanks so much SFD!

  79. Got my order yesterday, it was a day late due to a processing error on Canada Post’s part, but still came very quickly. Packaging was very discreet, double vac seal so no smell and everything was clearly labelled. I got the 2 HO sample packs to try, haven’t tried them all yet but it was a pleasant surprise when weighing the bags to see they were all overweight ?. Overall I’m very pleased with this experience and will certainly be ordering again! Thanks SFD, you guys rock!

  80. First time buyer and very happy. I ordered an oz of M39 Royal, and an either of Montreal Pink Kush. The customer service is excellent, very fast and friendly replies, and very quick turn around. I ordered Wednesday morning, and woke up Thursday to my package. As an Ontarian this is my favorite point.

    The packaging went beyond expectation, it was very well vacuum, double sealed. And despite being compressed so hard I could pick up all the bud in a brick the baggies weren’t covered in crystal like they usually are after being shipped. Another plus for sure.

    As for the flower the M39 Royal isn’t half bad, especially for the price. It can get you medicated even if it takes a little extra. The taste is earthy but good, and it vapes damn smooth. Probably the smoothest bud I’ve gotten from a MOM, with average potency. The buds are dense, and a more olive green then I’ve seen before. While this in smell, taste, and high reminds me of Timewarp (in a good way) it looks different and vapes way better.

    The Montreal Pink Kush was a bit disappointing. I’d considered spending the extra for an oz and I’m glad I didn’t. It tastes good, looks pretty nice, is decently smooth, and all round is a decent bud. And really it was a good value. It’s just not very strong, nor does it produce as much vapor.

    Would buy from again and definitely recommend.

  81. Timely shipping. Rock solid buds and customer service. Bargain basement prices. C’est une belle chose!

  82. I don’t usually leave review, but today I feel compelled to leave one. Ordered yesterday and received my package in Toronto this morning. First time I’ve had a one day delivery with a MOM, and I’m impressed. Ordered a small package to begin with, and everything weighed over which was great. Packaging had no smell whatsoever. The product looks and smells amazing. Also the customer service is very quick and friendly. I definately have my new go to MOM. Definately a 10/10. Extremely reasonable prices for top shelf quality. Keep doing what your doing guys!

  83. Everything, from communication, to service, to shipping speed, to product quality is top notch!
    I would say that the packaging is the only thing left to be desired compared to other MOM’s … BUT In being smaller than a full box in the expresspost package, this was able to fit in my community mailbox! So a plus I guess!

    French: Tout, de la communication, au service, à la vitesse de la livraison, et le produit, sont super!
    Je peux chialer que le package de certains autres dispensisaires en lignes sont de meilleur qualité… mais avec SFD, j’ai eu mon paquet dans ma boite postale sans avis de livraison! Super!

    Thanks a lot “mon chum” 😉
    5 Stars all around!

  84. Having left Montreal a few years ago, I know good quality herb….and I got exactly what I ordered on my first order and my 2nd is on the way. Glad to hear about this place. Truly doing great work boys. The M39 is great btw for those on a budget…..def brought me back to my HIGH school days 😛

  85. I ordered last week, i got it today it takes longer than i thought but that’s canada post, I Like the service The BEST service i had Good weed i’ll order again Thank you Stress Free Delivery

  86. My go to mom the last few months. Quick turn around, always next day to me. Usually always top notch product, no complaints. Always feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m shopping the different products. Looking forward to every order.. Thanks again SFD

  87. Just received my first order from an MoM. I placed my order last Thursday and it came the following Tuesday. Right on schedule! Can’t deny I was a bit nervous, but it was worth the moments of paranoia. Packing was nothing short of perfect. Double sealed and in another 3rd bag, as well as a manilla envelope and cardboard protection! I went small for my first attempt.
    M-39 brings me back to 1997! Exact same as we had here in NB back then! Perfect dense buds. Also got Pineapple Express, because Im not sure when the last time I have had a true sativa. Smell is knockout! Red hash also looks great. To be honest I have to work so have not sampled yet, once I do I will review on Reddit.

  88. Ordered my first order and within 46 hours was trying out some great quality buds. Definitely recommend the purple kush ? Found my new 24/7 MOM

  89. Huge hash fan I like how you added the bubble hash. Haven’t tried it yet would like to see some afghani hash

  90. Just received my first order. Shipping was fast. Package was very discreet, no smell. The service is awesome, no problems at all. Will definitely be ordering from SFD again.

  91. SFD was my first MOM experience, but I knew they were trustworthy since I convinced my sister to place a few orders with them a couple months back. She loved them so I knew I was ready for my first order.

    I signed up and uploaded my ID photo and within literally 2 minutes I was already approved. I placed my order for a half ounce of Grapefruit because she received a sample of it in her previous order and hourly recommended it.
    The hardest part of the transaction was the Interac e-transfer, as I’ve never done one before, but following the instructions from SFD it was done in no time.
    The payment was accepted later that night, and shipped out the next day. The only issue I had was the tracking number never worked. But that was a minor issue as it was shipped on a Tuesday and arrived that Thursday, so the tracking number wasn’t really needed.

    The packaging was excellent; Ziploc bag, then vacuum sealed, then vacuum sealed again, then paper envelope and sandwiched between 2 pieces of cardboard so Canada Post can’t tell or smell what it is.

    I could ramble on and on but instead I’ll just link to a gallery of photos from my ‘unboxing’. Hope links are allowed.

    TL;DR With good prices, fast shipping and good communication SFD will be my first and main MOM for some time.

  92. ordered some hellraiser og , gods green crack and super skunk and shit was amazing.
    Nice big nugs, nice smoke nice smell and feeling really nice once you smoke some.
    Shipping was fast and well padded.
    Everything you want in a place like this.
    Oh…and also got a free sample of pinapple express as a bonus.
    Come on…what else do you want?

  93. Ohhhhh and i forgot to tell you that the lebanese hash was hmmmhmmm.

  94. Commande arrivée en 48 heures, j’ai acheté le Hash rouge libanais, un des meilleurs jamais goûté, je recommande SFD à tout mes amis depuis ce temps! Longue vie!

  95. Hey there leaving another review currently enjoying my second order and placed my third today. Totally satisfied with sfd and would reccomend to anyone always fast and curtious. And quality so far is top notch. Cant wait to taste this chocolate kush ?

  96. Hey guys,well ordered on wed, it is here(chatham)fri before noon. for the staff there tnx had a couple of questions and they were answered quickly.As for what came in the mail,yay,I ordered an oz of m39,half of pure power plant and half of grapefruit,and some hash(just because).best prices out there(check around)I am well into a bowl of hash(with a bit of kief)and happier than a pig in poop.For all the old guys who are hesitating and wondering if we are actually at the point of mail order weed,WE ARE!I have never in my life used this term but SFD is a (cringe) “gamechanger”.Great prices,fast delivery yup I am in.Only pissed it took me so long to take the step.The packaging was more than adequate and discrete,no smell whatsoever.

  97. I have ordered from many different sites and have a main site for my hash purchases. I was looking for a backup site and came across stress free on my periodic hunt for new sites.
    I am always skeptical on hash quality as I have purchased some real trash over the years. I was extremely pleased will all aspects of the stress free experience !! I ordered 1 quad of bubble (outstanding value !!) , 1/8th of blond and quad of red and they were nostalgic !! Have not had those types since the 80s. Fresh and delicious and I would say good value. The bomb was the bubble !! I wish I had ordered an OZ. For the price of the bubble it is the best value to cost I have ever seen for bubble. I normally pay $16/gm on orders over 10gm.
    Any idea when it will be back in stock ? It disappeared as fast as it came ? Any chance on sourcing and good quality black?

    Thanks !!

  98. Received my first order today. Quickest shipment ever. Made my order Wednesday and had it Friday in Northwestern Ontario.
    Top quality bud (Super Kush) which has exceeded all my expectations. And not to mention, the best 35 dollar shatter I’ve ever had.
    Thanks you guys at SFD for the great first-time experience; will definitely be making multiple future purchases (as long as you don’t run out of Northern Lights crosses!!)

  99. Shatter is bomb af and the bulk deals are usually pretty fair
    owners a good guy very freindly

  100. I have ordered from 3 different sites and sfd is by far the best..hands down! Super fast shipping and everytime I send a message I get a same day response! Let’s not forget the stellar product that I received as well…seriously no complaints at all!

  101. Ordered first time after a friends referral , went with the m39 cause I grew up on the stuff , and I’m very pleased !!! Amazing service , the bud was good quality very potent how I like it , and the price is pretty sick , I’m looking to order again and a much larger order if that says anything with regards to SFD , they just won another loyal
    Customer !

  102. This was my first order and I’m beyond impressed, your pineapple express is exactly what I was hoping for will be ordering again and again can’t wait to try the rest of your menu

  103. Got my package yesterday, Very happy with the m39, very good quality and had amazing customer service with SFD! I will be ordering more tomorrow and every other week after that , very good job SFD. Thank you for your amazing service! 5/5

  104. Best “mom” site I have found on the east coast super fast shipping to Nova Scotia. Gained a return customer!

  105. First order, came a bit late seeing it was on a holiday weekend, but still quite quick. Double vac-wrapped, no smell at all. Red Leb hash is quite potent, very tasty and quite maleable, which I enjoy in my hash. Ordered some Grapefruit on sale, nice uplifting high, nice grassy aroma. Buds could be a bit more visually appealing but still for the price, very nice.

  106. First order was excellent. Ordered 1oz of M39, 1/2 oz Blue Dream but got Pineapple Express as a suitable substitution, 1/8 oz of Trainwreck, 1g of bubble hash, and 1g of Red Lebanese Hash. The Trainwreck and the Red Hash were by far my favourites. I am definitely ordering more hash and love the low prices. The shipping was fast and packaged very well. It was double vacuum sealed and placed in between two pieces of cardboard to conceal it in the shipping package.

  107. Great service
    Got an upgrade on a sold out strain and 30g instead of 28 on my second Oz. It was 2 day delivery and packaged well. The bud was great, it was as advertised. Thanks for the great website, would recommend!

  108. Received my package today, Ordered on the 4th. Very satisfied!

  109. Ordered the Half Ounce Sample pack, 3.5 g of Blue Dream, 3.5 g of Grapefruit and a gram of Red Lebanese Hash. Oh man… Some of the best I’ve ever smoked and i’m from Lebanon :). Everything was great from the service, to the packaging, to the quality. Thanks SFD! You’ve just gained a loyal customer 🙂

  110. Je suis un cliente comblé , merci sfd weed de qualité , petit sample a chaque livraison et livraison rapide une journée pour moi et sans odeur , dernière fois j ai commandé du N39 qui était en rupture de stock Steve ma remplacer sa par deux sortes de weed franchement supérieur que le N39 , agréable surprise ! Fini les casses tètes pour moi , je serrais une cliente fidèle ! Merci aussi de faire des tirages a tout les mois , j espère le gagner un moment donner et gouter d autres sortes ! Mille merci

  111. Once again I am left with my jaw on the floor with this Mail Order service. By far my most favourite.
    Service is on point and so is the product (I’ve only tried a couple things, but the consistency is remarkable)
    Quick, simple…. stress-free haha. Half oz of Super Kush and a g of shatter to get me through another week and a half.
    Keep up the great works guys, I’m looking forward to trying even more of products in the near future!!!

  112. Low price, top quality strains and amazing service. Sticking with this company

  113. Just placed my order, looking forward to seeing the goodies 🙂 will leave an in depth review when I receive! Thank you SFD!!

  114. Le AK 47 est très bon. Je lui donnerais une note de 4/5 : super frosty, des belles buds et une odeur de feu. Ca sent l’agrume a plein nez. Seul hic cest que jai vu quelque buds un peu brune.

  115. SFD fiable, beaucoup choix et toujours de la qualitée!!
    Vraiment cool de pouvoir commander avec eux!!

  116. WOW!

    Less than 48 hrs later and my pkg has arrived. Seriously, I am stoked. Just had the last of my previous Super Kush this AM and was just about to look around town for a gram; then I get a notification that my pkg has been delivered! (day earlier than standard) Again, WOW! I was saved from spending 50 dollars on a half quarter of who knows what. lol.
    Not sure if you got my offline msg from the other day; but I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t get around those gravity bong photos because those samples you sent were strong and quite mind-bending. I had myself a very anxious week haha. I like me the heavy indicas. BUT THANK YOU, nonetheless. YOU GUYS KICK ASS on so many levels. Fast, Friendly and Free… of stress. haha

  117. This was the first time that i had ordered from sfd as i used a different supplier from the west coast.I decided to give them a chance for the simple fact that they are literally 1.5hrs away from me.Im happy to say that i wasen’t disapointed!The order took 1 day to get to me!I ordered 1 oz of purple kush,1/2oz of pineapple haze,1/2oz of pineapple express and a 1/4 oz of cheese.All four blew my mind!The products are incredibly well taken care of and the prices are unbeatable!Im extremely picky when it comes to marijuana…i have a select few flowers that my body can accept and i stick with them.These guys did not let me a matter of fact,they truly surprised me!The quality is extremely high and the quantities are either bang on or a little higher.I will be a returning customer for years to come!Thanks so much!

  118. Love sfd!!! My first order, the 10 strain tester was fantastic.
    I’m on a bit more of a budget this time around so I ordered the lemon haze which I won’t do again.
    The seeds weren’t the problem, it was the lack of any effect That I experienced from that strain. Nothing what so ever. I understand you get what you pay for, however, I’m disappointed with the fact that you receive not effect from this product. Glad I only ordered what I did vs more.
    I’ll order again from SFD but I would caution against the Lemon haze on clearance. Sorry guys, this isn’t a bad review on YOU just the one product. Was looking forward to the delivery but the climax…. never got it.


  119. Wanted to get the pineapple express and it’s all gone ,,could someone please review the pineapple chunk before I get it!

    1. We are getting more in the next 2 hours. Check the site for updates.

  120. just receive my order fast delivery , 1 oz of m39 , looks good did not try it yet . a little deception they usually give me a little more , but not this time 28 gr right on the dot , and no free sample , i was looking forward to it !

    1. Samples on your next one for sure!

  121. Placed my first order with SFD. Took a day to process and a day to get here. No problems.
    Everything was well packaged and double vacuum sealed.
    Will order again.

  122. First time here, got exactly what I ordered. Great Product. Very well packaged, which is important these days with CanadaPost. Though because of CP it was not next day, my packaged ordered and sent monday, and I received it on thursday, I only live 6 hours away. I will be back for sure though.

    Thanks SFD

  123. Wow just got my first order,i received some really nice buds dry off just perfect,delivery was very fast only 1 day.
    I also got a free upgrade from the cheese to the sweet cheese,many thanks guys you rock,will order again for sure. 🙂

  124. Wow says it all great prices great service great products . I was like the majority of you.pondering is this legit is this going to get me in shit am I going to recieve my shipment I don’t feel like I trust this but after seeing some friends purchasing from other sites and having no stress no headaches etc for a year I said to myself maybe this is legit but when I was searching for a place to make these purchases the prices where unbelievably high and way to expensive and worst of all did not offer better prices on larger quantities wtf.but than I stumbled on this site it was sketchy because it was just to basic and simple looking but decided to take a chance because the prices where affordable and actually offered specials on weekly or even daily. the delivery system is great place the order at night next day in the mail day afterwards delivery at my mailbox/post office no worries the package is triple if not quadra sealed first it’s put in separate bags depending on purchase then grouped than sealed once in an airlock special wrap than rewrapped again than it’s put in between cardboard than it’s put in a bubble wrap mailing envelope so no smell until you release the sweetness

  125. Started using MOMs about a year ago..have had mostly good experiences..ordered a 1/4 of Blue Dream and 1/4 of Green was within 48 hours..product was double sealed and looks and smells amazing! They sent a little bonus which was unexpected and very nice..these guys are the real deal and I plan on ordering again as well as recommending to friends.
    Thanks again

  126. any promo’s for august ?

    1. augustreddit5 will be in effect by the end of the day!

  127. SFD was the first mom I used, because at the time it was the closest to me. I have gone to a few others since but landed back here! The customer service is great, prices are fair and delivery quick. Who could ask for more?? Got a quarter each of Trainwreck and GC. As well as 1/8 of each Pineapple Chunk and Cinderella 99. And 2 gs of LR hash. Pleased as hell with all of them! The C99 especially! Never expected the quality! On top of that, it was obvious that it would be a pity to break up that beautiful bud so my 1/8 weighed 4.20 gms…fitting. Anyone wondering about this mom should order now! Best mom by far…imo.

  128. got my first order from SFD today. i’ve used quite a few MOM’s now, and i gotta say SFD has a great price for the quality. i usually deal with MOM’s from B.C and its nice to find a MOM on this side of the country that has a reasonable idea of what marijuana should cost. got my package a day faster than i would with any other mail order i’ve dealt with, plus the cindy 99 was better than expected at that pricepoint. i’m impressed with SFD’s product enough i’ll be sure to mention this mom in the chat over on pot tv.

  129. would be nice to have a stain between 130 and 180

    1. We have few on the way!

  130. Got my first order from SFD today, it was a half oz of the super kush. For the price of the product it was fairly decent, but I think I had higher expectations. It was a nice clean smoke however with the name of super kush I had hoped for a much stronger kush taste. Overall I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 rating. I will definitely be willing to try another order with a reach out to SFD on what they think will blow my mind 🙂 thanks SFD

  131. Just want to say thanks for the bonus , your timing is spot on cause I am at home after surgery can’t drive for a while so home delivery is important to me . As far as the bonus ,I am on an insurance budget and we all know how they work. Lol . I never got this service with other MOMS .
    Thanks Again

  132. Hello guys,well just received my second order,wow what can i say,i order a 14 g of cheese,seems like they where at the end of the bags.
    Buds are small it as a few seeds,but the stuff is pretty good,can`t complaint,now to make me happy they include a gift,and its not a sample lol.
    These guys where nice enough to add for free a nice 10 grams of cheese shake,yes not cheese cake hehehe,so in all i can`t complaint.
    The shipping as the first order toke 1 day,that is excellent,again had to email them for some questions and as my first time they are fast and accurate,many thanks SFD you are great keep up the good work. 🙂

  133. Just want to say thanks, received my first order today and was very happy. Had to wait a week after order, must of got caught up in the holiday. SFD was fast to process within hours it was out the door.Great Job! Will order again.

  134. Best place to buy dope online i swear! The shipping is fast, and the nug is prime, literally cant go wrong here! And for 90$ an oz damn so impressed, who would even gocback to buying full price bud from the dealers aha

  135. Salut, j ai reçu aujourdhui ma premiere commande de sfd, j ai reçu du tutty frutty, j ai éte un peu deçu du goût j m attendais a quelque chose sucré fruité ça goûtais plutot les noix mais l effet etais là.
    Pour ce qui est du libanais rouge tres bon goût bon body buzz
    Et ensuite l afghan un goût qui me rappel ma jeunesse tres bon
    L embalage impecable aucune odeur j ai reçu ma commande en 24 heures le service est irréprochable
    A un prix competitf
    Merci SFD

  136. Hi guys just order a once of the grapefruit this morning because you ran out of the N39 because its my regular brand , hope the grapefruit is good and hoping to get a bit extra like you promise , did not receive a little extra the last time , thanks guys and have a greet day ! Glad i found you !

    1. We got ya this time 😉

  137. Once again I want to say just how happy I am with the service and quality from sfd. My package arrived in under 48 hours as usual (with some free samples to boot!) All I can say is is now stuck with me as a loyal customer. Thank you.

  138. Great, reliable company! I ordered both Half O Sample packs over here in Cape Breton, and I must say delivery was fast, ordered thursday, and it was at my door monday! (Keep in mind Canada P0st, doesnt deliver on weekends) so very quick. The product itself was amazing, very very very pleased. Thank you from saving me from the shady guys in my area! 100% recommend and returning customer.

  139. just got my order of grapefruit one day Delivery , easy to smoke and not to harsh , buds are nice , thanks guys !

  140. Made my first order with SFD and was pleaslty surprised that it showed up less then 24 hours later! Product was sealed tightly and no smell or clues to what was inside. Great deals and prices for good quality green. Wish so many things weren’t sold out though like vape pens and candies would like to try some. Overall I would and have been recommending SFD to my friends.

    1. We’re adding both of those tonight!

  141. Geat quality, Qwick delivery, and fair prices.
    *I would recommend making the taxes visible in the cart before the final proceed to check out.

  142. 10/10 Best website to buy concentrate online. God`s Green Crack Shatter is just insane !

  143. Order twice a month for 3 months now and every single time I have been highly impressed, got a bonus with my last order which is much appreciated! Amazing job man thank you for your services! 10/10

    Merci sfd pour l extra sur ma derniere commande de cinderella 99

  145. A glimpse of paradise! I ordered red lebanon, blonde moroccan and the rolex and and there all Nederlands quality. I travelled three weeks over there this summer and the package I received from SFD made me feel like back there for real. Wow! Thanks a lot for caring that much about the real good stuff. I ordered some from BC before and was quite disappointed. I shall be loyal to you from now on!

  146. That was my first time ordering from a MoM and I was very pleased.

    The Red Lebanese hash. Wow. Wow wow. That stuff is very very very good. Good smell, good taste, good buzz. We will meet again. Caramello hash. Very good too. I don’t like it as much as the Red Lebanese, but it’s very good. Nice smell, nice flavor, nice buzz.

    Service: fast, not even 24 hours.

    I am very satisfied with the quality and the service. Good stuff, good service, fast and discreet delivery.

    I have almost nothing left… time to shop again…

    Thank you guys.

  147. Great product – ordered 10 strain taster pack, nice entry to the variety of what is available. I’d suggest maybe rotating the choices every few months and listing on the side what’s in the pack. Though the element of surprise is cool too, I guess.
    Process is as fast as could be reasonably expected for mail delivery; I think it was 4 business days from applying to register to getting a delivery. Quick, professional.
    Packing for delivery was discreetly labeled and double vacuum sealed with not even remotely detectable odor on the outside of the package.
    A small glimpse into a coming saner future in Canada. Cheers.

  148. Received my first order within 2 days in Ontario 🙂 Got exactly what I ordered. Happy Customer 🙂

  149. The real deal! My first order with SFD and this is now my go-to MOM. Very fast shipping to north-west Quebec (2 Days) and 100$ for an ounce! Granted it’s weak and seedy but they were up-front about it. I chose to try it and it isn’t all that bad!
    It’s actually a creeper this Lemon Haze 🙂 I’m higher now than when I started this review.

  150. Very pleased with the SFD Team’s service. Delighted with the pretty flowers that smell good and invigorate me. GRRREAT!!!

  151. Great product and timely service thanx

  152. This is my second order from SFD. Well packaged, and fast delivery like the last time. Thx SFD.

  153. Very happy with my order (6789), very fast shipping. I recommend!

    Thanks again!

    1. So I tried the Red Lebanese Hash and the Afghani Ash… both a great taste, but it’s soft!

      Would be cool if you could offer some stronger hash!

  154. Very fast, always reliable, great prices and quality product… excellent all round.
    And the icing on the cake: consistently a little bit more than the purchased weight.
    (Thank you for your generosity. It comes back to you, in stuff like good reviews ! )

  155. Great service 5 orders so far and just insane almost every order I was lucky to receive a sweet gift on every order of different strains I’ve gotten a little .5 -1. Gram extra sometimes even given a sample to try something else can not complain about anything prices are fair for Quebec market delivery is awesome always within 48hrs of purchase depending the time the order is placed all in all 10 on 10 was wondering? what the promo code will be for September ??✌

    1. love me a promo code bro!!

  156. Excellent product and service once again. Very pleased with SFD. Thank you!

  157. 24 hrs delivery , but still no free sample , oh well maybe next time !

    Merci encore une fois pour ma derniere commande j ai reçu un bel extra de blueberry thanks!!!

  159. We are so lucky to have access to the products and service these folks have to order,I just got my first order,the shatter (chocolate kush) is excellent,I grabbed more than one and I am glad I did,I also got some M39 and lemon haze dirt cheap for cooking with,I am surprised at the quality vs. Price of that as well,I expected just a bunch of “bottom of the bag” popcorn buds but it isn’t,it is by far superior to other M.O.M. (cooking quality) shake or popcorn buds.
    I will be a repeat costumer for sure,I am just putting in an order now for some assorted concentrates,I would like to say thanks to the people that run this company,put to rest any concerns of the legitimacy (everything that I was told including ETA was accurate).
    I am quite satisfied as a first impression.To those that are complaining about “home made” looking packaging,etc…
    I feel so privileged to be able to order whatever I want and have it in my hand in 2 days that I don’t care if it arrived in a sock(clean sock mind you,hahaha)
    On the real,I saw no problem with packaging,arrived in a bubble wrap envelope and was shrink vacuum sealed multiple times and in its respective container or baggie within….A big ( very long winded…)
    Shout out to the guys and gals at NO STRESS DELIVERY

  160. I am totally satisfied after my first order with SFD. Package arrived in NS on Friday after ordering late evening Tuesday. package was very discreet, and could not smell anything even after the outer seal bag was removed. i thought it was a t-shirt. Being the first order i wanted to confirm weights, and every sample i tried was slightly above expected, and there were a couple extra treats that were very appreciated. Quite a nice selection of “flavours” and price points, for all. All products were as described, and i am very happy with the value so that now making a repeat order. more expensive strains were better than less. Ordering process was easy, and their communication has been all i could ask. +++++

  161. I was pleasantly surprised with my first order, I ordered an oz of Grapefruit and it was great for the price! I’d recommend SFD to anyone, especially those living in the east coast. I ordered on a Sunday and it came in the Thursday of the same week!

  162. any coupons for September ? Cheers:)

  163. First order.. PERFECT! Got my account approved and ordered the same day… got my package next day at noon!! Incredible!!
    Got weed and hash… products are just perfect! Nice taste, nice smell, nice burn… Will order again for sure!!!!

  164. My second order with SFD, and they have again met everything i could want. Monday night order led to delivery to NS on Friday and that after a long weekend.+++. Ordered some high end buds, and am super impressed with price and quality. Communication was personal. Packaging ++++++ for discreton, and would have no idea what was delivered. No extra treat this time, but that is not a complaint as all counts were slightly above what was ordered – no short orders from these guys!

  165. Ordered on the holiday Monday and arrived on Friday(southern ON). The quality is great and you get your moneys worth. Packing is discreet and completely odourless. Happy to have found this service and will be ordering again soon.
    Special thanks to whoever weighed and packaged it up. Every bag was just over weight and very clean and well sealed.

  166. Thanks SFD for everything and the super fast shipping! less than 24 hours for me ! Ordered the half once sample #1 and the quality of each strains was more that I expected. I wasn’t sure about ordering online and found the interac transfert sketchy at first, but seriously, They made me feel confident all the way with all emails they’ve sended to me to keep me updated. Communication is really important and SFD is really a professional business. I will order with you again thats for sure. Thanks again SFD !! Great job ! Cheers

  167. Arrived next day. Half O this time . But I’d imagine even an Ounce could fit in my mailbox . No smell even after CP envelope. More discrete than I imagined. And more specific info on the vape pens?

  168. This place is tye real deal ,the name says it all,great stuff great price ,,thank s you SFD

  169. Amazing company thank you

  170. Arrived very quick and well packed. The quality is unbelievable.

  171. Stress free is right – I can’t believe how quick and non-sketch this was?? The generic email address you use, easy payment and fastest order processing ever. Placed an order like 3 hours ago and already have my tracking number. Can’t speak to the product itself so far but you clearly recognize that your clientele may be apprehensive about ordering online and i appreciate the effort into making it as painless as possible.

  172. First time online buyer, found out about it by accident really after I tried shatter for the very first time. Been a lifelong daily smoker but never tried anything besides the regular weed, hash, oil. Found your site and Was like whaaattt? So I had a few extra bucks I could spare and decided to risk it. 3-4 days later my package was in my rural country mailbox. Didn’t even have to go to the post office. The silver haze Vale pen is very tasty and convenient and kind of made my mind wander off and feel relaxed after a stressful day but I wasn’t sure at first and and it just kind of hits you. The blond Moroccan hash is soooo tasty rolled up with some green. I already know I want more. Last but definitely not least, I got a five g variety individually packaged deal of shatter for a cheaper price than you would find around here. I have only tried the gods green crack so far but omg this stuff has me wrecked just after a few mins of smoking and I’m a chronic lol. So guys all in all I give these guys five starts. Get used to me cuz now I’m gonna be a regular. Lol this process was fast easy stress free and couldn’t ask for better quality. Thanks guys! One happy girl here beside the Bay of Fundy!! Now.. What next… Lol

  173. Ordered 1oz Monday and got it Friday, but it was due to a CP slipup. They actually gave me a little more than 1oz which was nice and the packing was totally smell free. Also there arent any seeds so far like they said there would be so thats nice. Weed is pretty bunk but pretty much what I was expecting as I got their liquidation Lemon strain. Gonna try out Blue Dream next (when will you guys have it again???) 😛 Also, do you guys carry Durbans Poison or Jack Herer??

    Merci beaucoup!

    à dernière commande j Ai reçu
    Violater kush
    Death bubba
    Mike tyson
    Platinum bubba kush
    Wow très beau produits
    Merci encore une pour l extra très apprécié

  175. Great website. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your effort!

  176. Serious sellers with serious stuff!
    Order several times and never disapointed!
    Highly recommended.

    When you order, don’t forget that quality matches the prices.

  177. Great company offering great service! I was amazed at how quickly my order was delivered. Everything was exactly as I ordered, discreetly packaged. I couldn’t be happier. You’ve earned yourself a loyal customer!

  178. SFD rocks my world. Excellent service. Quick Turnaround. A1+ in my books. Always a pleasure doing biz with SFD!!! Especially pleased with the weight! Always bang on!

  179. I have ordered several times now and it always goes down the same way (smooth order, fast processing, fast delivery, discreet smell proof packaging). Clearly SFD knows what they are doing and has an amazing supplier (premium AAA+ productS). I rate SFD with 5 stars.

    My last order was (Shatter 5 Strain Taster Pack, 14 Green Crack, 14 Sweet Cheese). All I can say is WOW. Thanks SFD for the taste of “Tyson”, will leave individual reviews.

    I feel like a medical patient with all the variety we have, we are truly spoiled! Thank you SFD 🙂

  180. Wow ! Can not say how happy i am i found SFD ! Great Service. Immediate response to e-mail.Great Quality Products ! Do Not Hesitate Canadians! This Bud Is For You !

  181. You guys rock, delivery time was amazing, ordered Monday received Tuesday, made my first order a great experience. You just added a new client 🙂

  182. Stress Free Delivery – East Coast #1 Mom delivery. What a joke – they are actually Canada’s number 1 delivery. Quality product shipped out Monday received Tuesday. Other MOM’s better up their game.

  183. Delivery was 3 business days to London, Ontario. I’m very happy with the non-descriptive and smell proof packaging. I ordered the sampler package.

  184. Awaiting my third delivery. Wonderful top quality products keeps me coming back. Hassle free no worry quick response fair pricing everything u need. I am so happy I found sfd just for the fact that their stuff is so damn tasty and the whole process is so simple and stress free!!

  185. Most impressive and easy as pie. I highly recommend. First time for me so I will be a very happy return customer. Many thanks.

  186. Another fine transaction with the folks at Stress Free Delivery!! I very much appreciate the excellent service. Thank you once again.

  187. Thanks once again, SFD. My day is made. Quickest delivery hands down. And the same awesome quality bud as always!
    This batch of Super Kush is on fire.
    I’ve spent over a thousand dollars so far with no disappointing transactions.
    Love you guys at SFD, keep it up! I cannot survive without you!

  188. Been on here a short time but very pleased with sfd but by far for those heavy hitters Purple God Bud and the Bruce Banner hands down will rock you!! Taste great and killer buzzzzz lol

  189. Purple God Bud,wow super good.

    Well i did 5 orders here so far and happy with all of them,these guy work with a lot of serious.
    I have nothing to say against the quality,every strains i got was from good to very good which make me happy.

    But today its very very good hahahaha,also these guys like gifting their costumer,another big plus to me. 🙂
    As always if problem they respond very fast by email,shipping time is very quick,this order was longer then the 4 others,usually 1 day.
    Well order today and get it tomorrow,fantastic place for shopping weeds (really) thanks SFD. 🙂

  190. Just got my package in today. Ordered it 2 days ago. Shits fire as fuck and shipped fast so that’s a bonus. Will definitely return.

  191. Got approved order was processed fast and delivered within 48 hours. Packaged extremely well. Can’t wait to try my lions gate vape pen. I will definitely be ordering from these guys again!!

  192. I was having issues sending payment through my bank,it turned out that I sent SFD several e- transfers totaling over$1000 when my order was just over $200 and I just want to say that you can trust these people and would like to say thank you to the staff for not accepting them,I really appreciate the ethics displayed.

    1. We’re here to help, not scam people. Thanks for your comments Ken.

  193. First time customer, and I was very impressed. I’ll certainly be a repeat customer for the foreseeable future. Placed my order over the weekend, it was processed on Monday, in the mail on Tuesday and arrived at my door in Nova Scotia this morning (Thursday). Packaging was discreet and totally smell free.

    I got the half oz. sampler and an eighth of the Red Leb hash. I’m sure the weed is great, but to be honest I haven’t tried it yet. First thing I did was smoke a big bowl of the Red Leb and it was glorious. I’ve been hitting it hard all day and it’s the best hash I’ve personally ever smoked. I’m loving the buzz and already am trying to figure out exactly how much I want to order next time.

    The only downside….my usual dealer just lost a customer!

  194. Service 10/10
    Qualité 10/10
    Rapidité 10/10
    J’ai laisser tomber mon fournisseur que je fréquentait depuis une douzaines d’année parcequ’il ne pouvait égaler un service de cette empleure imaginer toujours disponible,possibilité de choisir plusieur variété de très hautes qualités et ce dans le confort de son salon ! Longue vie et prospérité à toute l’équipe de !

    Service 10/10
    Quality 10/10
    Speed ​​10/10
    I dropped my supplier I had been using for a dozen years because he could not match a service of this size imagine always available, possibility of choosing several varieties of very high qualities and this in the comfort of his living room! Long live and prosperous to the entire team!

  195. 3 order ,very very please ,fast delivery ,the stuff is always over weight ,love this place , if you been thinking about ordering ,just do it you will be happy ,,violater is crazy good,,,,

  196. SFD is the best MOM out there,quality is awesome,price is ,,well ,,outta this world and customer service is second to none, i highly recommend SFD for your MOM !

  197. Been sitting on a review just until I had a few orders done. One word: Amazing.
    Fast, price-friendly, easily-delivered, quality greens. Great choices with descriptions and good customer feedback. Responsive and friendly customer service.
    The only “negative” thing that I can say is some of the mobile interface could be better and pages completed. But that’s just time and patience for someone to go through and fix.
    The key is product and delivery, and SFD kills it. Well fucking done.

  198. Pour tout ceux qui ont des doutes sur cette compagnie . J ai placé 8 commande sur ce site depuis peu de temps , oui oui s est bien vrai une compagnie fiable , produit de très belle qualité , belle variétés , prix variés , une livraison simple et stress free , vous pouvez commandez en toute confiance .. merci pour votre professionnaliste et merci de rendre possible l achat de marijuana pour les gens comme moi qui souffre de problèmes de santé , longue vie a vous !

  199. Livraison reçue rapidement ???

  200. I can’t say enough good things about the folks SFD. They are nothing short of sensational. Another successful and pleasing transaction. Loving the Violator Kush! Thank you once again SFD!

  201. Merci pour le ptit sample une autre belle découverte

  202. Great website, fast delivery, great green and great prices what else can you ask for.

  203. This was my first time ordering from a MOM and it was a great experience! Shipping was exceptionally fast and the packaging was discreet.
    I have no complaints, and I definitely plan on using SFD again.


  204. I’m happy with everything I bought to date and the little gifts are always very much appreciated. Thank you, SFD, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.

  205. On a thigt budget 🙁
    No worries;-) , stressfree got you covered. I recently went true a rough patch money wise, still manage to get very descent smoke for low price example: 14g of seawarp plus 1g of budder 120$
    Low price to get a pretty good high
    Thanks sfd

  206. j ai commandé mardi le 25 au alentour de 11h00 et reçu le lendemain mercredi a 10h00 , wow livraison super rapide !
    j ai commandé une once de Seawarp et je peu vous dire qu il est très bon pour un weed a bon prix , manque un peu de curetage mais rien de trop excessif , en plus un 2.2 d extra , merci encore une fois SFD

  207. Le M39 a été ma première commande « test » sur ce site et ce fut un succès ! Paiement sécurisé , le tout scellé minutieusement et livraison direct chez soi en seulement 2 jours, on ne peut pas demander mieux. Le Green Crack est ma deuxième commande et il est un très bon Sativa…merci de m’avoir fait connaître le délicieux Mango Kush en échantillon, c’est sur qu’il fera parti de ma prochaine commande 😀

    Merci SFD, vous êtes des pro !!

  208. Très satisfait de vos services. Serait-il possible d’avoir des variétés vintages comme Purple Kush ou Colombian Gold tout le temps, je suis tannée de me demander si telle sorte est bonne ou pas. Aussi si vous pourriez avoir de meilleurs prix comme sur Ganja Express de 120 a 160 onces.


    1. On en a souvent a bas prix mais ca part tres vite. On devrait ravoir du 39 en stock bientot dans les 130 environ. Merci

  209. Have ordered twice now from SFD (after previously using a BC MoM) and have been happy with the professional service, good prices and excellent product choice!! They included a sample of Critical 2.0 with the second order which was such a fantastic gesture and most welcome. There was actually a small glitch with my second order but once I notified SFD they took the necessary steps to fix things. Overall I am very, very pleased with SFD and would hightly recommend them to anyone considering MOMs or currently using one of the other BC MoMs – but only wish they would have M39 as a regular stock item, sooo awesome!! Thanks for everything SFD!!!

  210. Vraiment très heureux de ma commande! Service A1 qualité du produit A1. J’ai déjà hâte à ma prochaine commande.

  211. Heureux de mes deux commandes, Excellent produits. Tres bien emballe. Livraison rapide.

  212. Allez-vous r’avoir du Hash Maroccain blond bientôt ???

    1. On travail la-dessus!

  213. First time ordering, came fast and perfect, smells like good stuff, got the 2 sample packs, definitely would order again. Thanks SFD!

  214. Got two orders so far .. one of Blueberry and one of Pineapple Express. Very pleased with both. Shipping is so quick and packaging is super discreet. Didn’t even know MOM was a thing until I stumbled across a link to this site on Reddit. Reliable, fast, great prices and awesome products. Sure beats trying to find some local stuff around here and much better quality too. Definitely will keep giving SFD my business! 🙂

  215. After checking reviews online I gave SFD a try and was more than pleasantly surprised! Fast and very reasonably priced, but the best part is that quality was not sacrificed for either!

    Would have to concur they have been aptly named: stress free delivery was exactly how my order played out.

    Thanks again!

  216. I’ve said it before and I have to say it again: SFD Rules. Their customer service is extraordinary! SFD: Thank you once again! Try SFD now. You’ll not regret it. They back up their service and product with amazing service. AAAA+

  217. First class service, first class product. Incredibly happy that friends told me about and highly recommended this site. The packaging is as discrete as imaginable; the people working here are polite and quick to respond; and the product is so, so, so fantastic.
    Thank you so much!

  218. Placed first order with these guys yesterday. Order in mailbox today, one day delivery makes me very happy(maybe its the weed). Everything was done quickly and professionally. no complaints here. Put the word out to some of my co workers today, that they should give you a try. Thanks to the entire team at SFD.

  219. I’ve been super pleased with every order! Quick, easy and literally stress free. Thank you SFD! I’ve been spreading the fine word about you folks

  220. Hey

    Will there be any of that Live Resin Hash available before X-Mas…? …wanna try it.

    1. We`re working on it real hard.

  221. fast delivery once again , thanks SFD

  222. SFD is very fast. Less than 36 hours to Toronto from order to door step. Tried new product as Violator is sold out. Granddaddy Purple and Mike Tyson are quality products! Thank you once again SFD.

  223. This last order was impressive. Repeat orders of Girl Scout Cookies, Violator and Death Bubba were all excellent quality. in fact, it may be my imagination, but all three seemed slightly smoother with a nicer pot smell than last time. I’m no pro but maybe has been cured a little differently? order made in the morning and was at the Post office that afternoon – wow! counts were great and a little special treat added is so appreciated. have passed you guys on to friends with high praise.

  224. Just placed my first order. Can’t wait to get it. Really hope it’s as good as I’ve been told.
    Any chance we see some Gorilla glue #4 ?

  225. Prefect service. I received my order the next day i ordered. The blueberry and the blue dream shatter is perfect. The og shatter is good to but i prefer thw blue dream. I will order again for sure.

  226. A big shout out to SFD!!!!!!!!!
    After multiple orders, I am very pleased.
    Great service, perfect product quality, fast shipping and very discreet packaging (Rural NB order on monday and arrives wednesday morning)
    What more can I say but keep up the great work.

  227. le nepalais excellent wow!

  228. Got some critical 2.0 …clean buzz….able to function half decent….great tasting smoke …worth every penny!

  229. Apparently, I still haven’t said enough good things about SFD. They’re GRRREAT! I am happy to see that they have restocked the shelves with more quality products. Enjoying the Grape Crush which I would recommend to everyone and I just can’t wait to sample the other new products starting with White Cheese on my next order. ENJOY 🙂

  230. I wanted to wait until I had ordered from SFD more than a couple times to make a really well-rounded review. While I’m not a pot connoisseur by any means, I do have a ton of experience ordering things online (lol). Like a lot of people, I was skeptical of MoMs because, let’s face it, the concept is almost too good to be true. I heard about SFD from a friend at work who suggested I try it after complaining about my regular dude ripping me off. We’re in Ontario so even though she usually orders from BC she suggested SFD since it’s closer and would arrive faster. If I hadn’t been referred by someone I know, I probably wouldn’t have done it, but I am SO GLAD that I did. SFD has provided exceptional quality product and customer service. The delivery to southwestern Ontario is prompt (though I do always spend enough for free express shipping) and product arrives exactly as expected. Packaging is heavy duty, I’ve never detected any hint of a smell until I’ve cut through the first couple layers. The weed itself is great, and as others have stated, you get what you pay for. But even with that in mind, the higher-end stuff is amazing quality for the price and the lower-end stuff is still really good. I love the variety of the different strains and the sample packs that helped me narrow down what I really wanted. Again, not being a connoisseur, I kind of always only got whatever there was to be had but SFD has allowed me to develop my palate a little better haha. My only single tiny complaint is the lagginess of the website, it’s not super responsive and takes a long time to load, but obviously that has nothing to do with the quality of the service and product. If you’re wondering if you should order from a MoM or if you already have and aren’t sure about SFD, just do it already, you’ll be happy you did.

  231. I have received an email from SFD they told me they have received the interact E Transfer ok but for some reason it was not processed they gave ma an apology and told me it would be processed to day and while I am making this comment they have all ready emailed me telling me it is processed with a tracking number. Thank you very much SFD for kindly getting back to me so soon. Again Thank You Kindly.

  232. Picked up Some Tyson and purple god bud ….both amazing as always thanks sfd!!!

  233. Another smooth transaction with SFD. Next day delivery rocks! It’s like Christmas opening packages. White Cheese, Incredible Hulk, and Fat Purple all exhibit the qualities I’ve come to expect from SFD. A million thanks! Enjoying!! ?

  234. I have tried both 1/2 0z sample packages and have created a few of my own, one thing for sure is that SFD has a great variety of some really, really nice smoke. SFD keep up the great work and quality!!!

  235. Hey SFD, I ordered twice so far, and am happy with what i got. I’ve been reading and last comments are from october an shit, so here is one for november. The sample packs are gooood. 35 bucks for a gram of shatter! I hope to see you guys flourish and add inventory later down the line 🙂 Safe Growing and keep the medicine coming 🙂
    I give these guys 5/5 stars.

  236. Super service, qualité, expédition rapide!

  237. J ai recommendé votre entreprise sérieuse et efficace à quelque personne digne de foi.

    ils étaient très heureux d avoir enfin trouver une entreprise sérieuse et surtout au Quebec….

    J ai 3 autre entreprises que j utilisé mais la plus fréquente est la vôtre…et encore bravo pour les emballages neutres ,solides et pratique….

    le PPP est dans mes top 10 …

    white tuna kush absolument incroyable,tout comme les autres kush comme hindous kush,Water melon kush et les autres .

    je ne me trompe jamais avec le kush et je crois MEME ne plus avoir à chercher parmis des marques indica…

    pour le sativa je pouvais avoir de l excellent cinderella dream qui etait incroyable ,solide et tres bon….à 120 pour le 28 ….mais ici il y a d autres alternative ….

  238. Received my first order today, shipping was very quick (3 days). The package was vacummed sealed and placed inside another bag and vacuum sealed again, not a trace of scent at all. Product was as hoped for….amazing tight buds, perfectly trimmed and perfect weight (actually bit over). I got the taster pack, which I am very excited about..first strain I tried before writing this (chocolate kush) has a great buzz and nice taste. I also got some red lebanese hash which resembles hash im used to looking like back in my younger days…soft and resiny..not hard and dried out.
    I was skeptical to use this site being the paranoid pothead I am, lol, but the great service, price and product has put my mind at ease!
    Have a stress free day everyone 😉

  239. I just receive my first package from SFD. I was suppose to receive it last week but Canada Post made a mistake, i don’t know exactly what happened but i never receive my package from them. I wrote back to SFD telling them i never receive it, believe it or not, they send me another one last Friday. Since it was the week-end and there’s no delivery, i just receive it. A tip for everyone, ask to sign to get your package from CP.
    SFD are true gentlemen, God Bless Them! 😀

  240. Received my very first order today and I am so happy! The product is excellent and the service is second to none! Will definitely be ordering again! Thank you!!

  241. I am very pleased. I had concerns about legitimacy of MOM’S.
    Well despite my unfamiliarity with money E transfers and Canada Posts normal ineptitude ( not a fan of Canada Post). My order arrived about 3 days later.
    As to the quality? I am not much of a judge but I will say Canadian Weed has come a long way in the last 20 years :). Thanks SFD!
    If you are hesitant at all just go for it. This is a great company.

  242. I’ve ordered 2 times now and I’m very happy with the quality and the count. You people at SFD rock!

  243. A bit afraid as a first MOM user but tried SFD for the first time and awesome work. Fast shipping for easterners , received 2 days after ordering, good sealing for package.
    Will order again for sure

  244. Probably my 10th or so order, always get what you pay for. When SFD says it’s 4 stars, it is, when they say AAAA, it is!!. If SFD was around 30 years ago, I alone would have put them on the Forbes list by now. Keep up the good work and please bring back Mr. Banner, we miss him.

  245. These folks are great! Great service. I was a Lil skeptical and when cp f*c*ked up the shipping at first (which has nothing to do with sfd) and emailed SFD they were GREAT!! And quick to respond A+++ on customer service and after getting my package wow! Great job there as well! Ordered 3 kinds and we’ll great job again! Will be ordering again soon!! Have a stress free day! I will indeed 🙂 try them out!! I know I’ve told a few friends as well and I’m sure they will be trying you as well good service more customers. Try them out for sure to my door in NB!!! 🙂

  246. Thanks a lot guys , and have yourself a Merry Christmas

  247. Tried making a review and don’t know if it was approved, but this place is so far so good. The best on the east coast. The delivery was fast and I live way up north. But as the best customer I would like more monthly draws, free samples or coupons.

  248. Incredibly fast processing and delivery. Paid on Tuesday, received on Thursday. Received exactly what was ordered. Great web site and system.

    Highly recommended!!

    Thank you

  249. I am totally 100% happy with my order. Everything was nicely pkgd and got here in no time. I will be making STRESS FREE DELIVERY my medicinal marijuana supplier. Thank you so much.

  250. Great service! Just did another order 🙂 Came super fast, packaging was discreet and smell proof. First MOM experience was fantastic!


  252. This is an amazing service, very quick discreet shipping, I would like a bit more variety of sativas, but the ones offered are top notch! I have smoked the sativas, hybrids, indicas, and moon rocks, I’m now looking forward to trying the gummies for the first time! I have recommended this site to many friends and will continue to in the future.

  253. very happy with my first order. The blue shatter is cheaper and better than what I can get in my own city. Very pleased with the Hindu Kush I ordered as well. Great if you suffer from chronic migraines. Will be ordering again soon!

  254. SDF Is the best and fastest products are amazing and yummy only downfall is they put one of your bags in with the loose weed and all the red hairs get all over the other bag of weed that only happens if you order more then one product at a time

  255. -A++ on customer service, fast response, fast shipping, very good packaging
    -A+ on the quality of the different shatters
    -I had the 5 strain taster pack which was delicious and some blue shatter which I would have liked spread on parchment. It was layers stuck together, and it was more gummy, less shattery, but still the taste is wonderful, my lungs thank me for this clean product.

  256. I ordered from SF last week and just finished an OZ of Green Crack.

    Ordering and Processing — 5/5
    Delivery — 5/5
    Packaging — 5/5 Discreet, double sealed, zero smell

    Product — 5/5 Fantastic quality, powerful hints of spicy citrus, tasty smoke, rocket ship highs… Sativa lovers will absolutely enjoy this!

    Will definitely be ordering again

  257. I have now purchased 3 times from SFD and each time it has been flawless: superior product, good price, volume availability and volume pricing, service and shipping……all highly satisfactory.

    Now…..I have ordered the red leb and now the blonde leb and this is Nirvana. I have been looking for these two products specifically, without much luck, for more than 30 years and NOW they are here. IMO, these are two of the best hash products in the world; they were 40 years ago….and still are. The aesthetic appeal…..look, smell, taste is without peer, anywhere. I guess when you have been making a dynamite product for 1000 years, you don’t mess with it. Leave it to the masters.

    And nearby, in Montreal too…….which has always been the Mecca of Canada for good hashish.

    SFD, you are by far the sweet spot for MOM! Please tell me that this will always be in your inventory and you will have me for life. Thank You.


  259. I was very busy but now that I got some free time. I can write my honest review about my purchases. I have purchase from SFD 3 times. Customer services were fast to respond and they are very kind people. Treat them like the way you would like to be treaten.

    The first time was impeccable (Trainwreck, Pineapple express).
    My second order was 3 oz (Sweet Cheese, Trainwreck, Pineapple Haze)
    – Sweet Cheese: Heavy duty more of a slight couch lock. But the high is on point and last very good. It was well cured strong smell. No complaints.

    – Trainwreck : One of top favorite strain so far. Heavy duty without the couch lock. Very effective for day usage and last very good. Always weel cured and smell is great. No compaints.

    -Pineapple Haze : I was not impress at all the strain was covered in pollen. That’s the best way I can describe it. Even for a sativa the high was low and the high were very short. I would only recommend this strain to people who has a very low tolerance and would like to smoke something more discrete. The coughing was unexistant no matter how much you packed the smoke was very light and you would not even cough one times. This strain would specific for certain users. If you want a couch lock look for something else.

    On my third purchase I have ordered 3 oz ( Green Crack, Mango Kush, Quantum Kush) (extra Pineapple Express)

    – Green Crack: Very good sativa for day usage to get the paperwork/study done and no couch lock and the high last good. It was well cured a similar smell to the mango kush but you can tell the difference with the high. No complaints. I would recommend to anyone this strain if you are looking for day usage. (Not for sleep usage)

    – Mango Kush: The high is a heavy duty good cerebral high and the high lasted very good. Well cured strong smell of mango. A great combination with a sativa for evening/night usage. But you can very well smoke the Mango Kush for day usage. I got no complaints.

    – Quantum Kush: The weed was my point of view under cured for 225$. A good sativa for day usage don’t get me wrong this strain is amazing since my friend bought this strain months ago in around February/marsh. But the OZ I’ve received is a bit under cured, the smell potency is very light and it burns quite blackish compare to all the others strains that I had previously order. I’m leaving this strain for last in hope that it can cure itself a bit more ( closed dark room). I know this strain was amazing when I’ve seen and smoke it around February/Marsh. I can’t really recommend or not to recommend. Since I know what they had before was incredible. I would definitely hit SFD up and ask for more information about the quality of this strain since the price is 225$.

    – Pineapple Express: My very first order was this and on my third order the pineapple Express that I have received was exactly like my first order and I would even say better than my first order. I can see why it’s costing 220$ but it is well WORTH IT just like the trainwreck. Heavy duty a bit more couch lock the lasting is very good. VERY strong smell like make sure you got a mason jar for this.

    Delivery Time was less than 36 Hours (29 hours to be exact), all packages were sealed no traces of smell. SFD always have fast delivery.
    I personally would buy again : Trainwreck, Pineapple Express, Sweet Cheese, Mango Kush, Green Crack. I know as a happy customer that I will be ordering again from SFD in about 2 months.

    I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and drive safely.

  260. Love the great strains and excellent customer service. SFD always gives more than I ordered, and is very accommodating when I need a special order.

    Can’t beat the delivery time. I usually get the order the next day if I order before noon.

    Thanks SFD

  261. Disappointed with last couple of Vape pen orders.,all tho some worked flawlessly until the end.Ive had 2 pens die? lite flashes when you haul on it and you get nothing from it,,one was all most empty the other half full,,and one brand new pen that has the resin oil leaking out of top when you haul on it. Hoping for an explanation .Over all, the pens that worked are awesome On happier note,,, the bud from SFD is 10/10 no complaints , love the taster packs,, Keep up the good work,, Merry Christmas to all the staff at SFD

  262. livraison en moins de 24 heures , c est super !

  263. 4th order today. I guess things are getting serious now?

    Great service. Happy holidays all!

  264. Red Leb , very nice , yes indeed.

  265. Wow, ma commande a été postée jeudi le 28 décembre et je l’ai reçue le lendemain, avant le long congé du Jour de l’An… Je n’y croyais pas !
    Votre hash est exquis, surtout le Blond Lebanese à mon goût. Le hash d’antan. Oups, je trahis mon âge !
    Merci et une Bonne Année 2018 à vous chez SFD – année de légalisation, YESSSS –

  266. I love SFD!!!! The products are amazing, the shipping is super fast, and I am never disappointed!!!

  267. Just received my first order, all I have to say is WOW!!
    My order was 1 OZ Pink kush, 1/8 red Lebanese hash and one lions gate vape pen all of which are amazing. My package was shipped out on Wednesday and I received it on the Friday, the site is simple and easy to navigate and the order process is smooth. It was my first time ordering from a MOM, and I was a little nervous at first, but it all worked out excellent in the end and I will definitely be ordering again very soon. Thanks a lot SFD, keep up the good work 👌😤👍

  268. Good selection, great service. Ordered on a Friday & received it Monday. Thanks SFD!

  269. libanais blond bon buzz comme toujours lol

  270. Service rapide, courtois et efficace! Très friendly et facile de faire affaire avec vous. Merci pour tous vos efforts! 🙂

  271. Incroyable…J’ai placé ma commande sans trop d’attente et j’ai recu super raidement. L’emballage était parfait, sans odeur. Le weed était meilleur à quoi je m’y attendais. J’ai déja recommandé Free Stress Delivery à mes amis.

  272. Ordered may times but the -fact- that I ordered during Christmas break, it got squeezed into the 2 day opening AND delivered before the weekend – you guys are alright in my books. Customer for life for magic like that.

    The strains are exactly what you are ordering. cheap bud, edible making bud, high end smoke bud, you need to know your products. They carry it all, and it’s all good.

    Don’t know how you do it – but keep it up! Merci !

  273. commander 14 de chocolate kush et 14 de Seawarp BC Outdoor
    poster un lundi et recu le mardi ver 11h am (dispensaire du quebec et je suis du quebec)
    poid exact
    belle bud beau produit
    bien emballer

    5 etoile pour ma premiere experience merci

  274. je comande depuit casiment 1 ans sur sfd et A+++ ,discret shipping ,produit de super qualiter je recomande a tous , choix de plusieur variete.

    Tanks SFD lacher pas vous etre les meilleur 😉

  275. Did a first order this weekend and received it on Tuesday. Great quality and came quickly! Great service and will order again! Quick and easy!

  276. not even 24 hour delivery , thanks for the sample , cant wait to try it !

  277. Successfully received two orders, can’t thank you guys enough. Keep up the excellent work!

    5 stars baby, 5 stars!!!

  278. I’d just like to thanks SFD for excellent service and great products!!

  279. Was skeptical of trying MOM Dug in and found lot’s of good reviews of SFD and have to say I am not disappointed in the least. Made my first order over Christmas break so that caused a delay but my order after that was placed on a Monday and was here on the Wednesday. I’m really loving the 10 strain tester pack as it gives enough for all different types of needs. Everything so far has been great bud! Blonde Lebanese Hash is awesome as are the hard candy edibles. Looking forward to continued excellence of service and products!! Thanks SFD!

  280. Hi Smokers,
    Very please with my experience with I ordered on Monday mid afternoon , my stuff was shipped on Tuesday. The package only arrived on Thursday because of a Canada post mistake. Others it would have arrived the day after it was shipped. The product is well packed. No smell at all.
    I am also very happy with the product itself. I will defentely order again when I am done with what I got. Thank you keep up the good work.

  281. Very quick delivery, however there was an error in my order with the amount sent. Sent an email to explain issue but NO response.

    1. We believe this matter has been taking care of and if anything else, dont hesitate to contact us

  282. Awesome product! Thanks! Quick and easy, 2 day delivery to Ontario! Packaging was great, incredibly secure. Will be a returning customer.

  283. Product which was granddaddy purple shatter, was excellent, discreetly packaged and was delivered before I expected. Concentrates are much better priced than any local dispensaries I’ve been to, I will continue to purchase from this site in the future.

  284. This is a great service!!! Absolutely satisfied!!! Delivery time is awesome and the products are even more amazing!! 👍👍

  285. Received my first MOM order from here today. I admit that I was reluctant, but the whole process went smoothly, quickly, and professionally. Excellent service and incredible product delivered very quickly! Could not be happier with SFD. Will definitely be ordering from here again very soon!

  286. Thanks Guys, As a newcomer from the western US to Canada you saved my life! Exaggeration aside, everything was exactly as pictured, shipping was fast and discrete, couldn’t have been better! I’ll be back!

  287. Encore une fois SFD me satisfait pleinement,c gars la son vraiment sérieux,en cas de problème soyer sur qui vont vous aider correctement.
    Jai moi même eux un problème la semaines dernière et tout est aller vraiment bien,la qualité de tout ce que jai acheter ici est bien supérieure a d`autre site que j’utilise,les 3 dernière commande que jai faite ici étais du granddaddy purple,c la première fois que je peux dire wow çà c du bon stuff ,jai acheter cette marque sur d`autre site et jamais yetais aussi bon,bravo SFD vous être mes héros du cannabis.

    Ho j`oublias le délais de livraison est plus que respectable çà prend qu`une seule journée pour mois a chaque fois. 🙂

  288. Ordered off stressfree a few times and All ways had excellent service ! Fast orders and quite a large variety of products ! Awesome site to deal with! A+

  289. I recieved my order when they said it would come the strains look and smell amazing and the hash smells heavenly LOVE IT thanks guys 🙂

  290. just recieved the items of my first order.Quality service and quality product.A+.Thanks SFD!!

  291. First order with sfd was amazing quick responds quick shipping will definitly reorder soon ! Thanks !

  292. Thank you so much for everything you do! The extras are appreciate! You know how to make a person feel good. Lol keep doing what you do! 100%

  293. Good Product, Fast shipping,
    it would be nice to give more discounts%

  294. very fast shipping : 28 hours from payment approuval to mailbox

    top quality products : blonde lebanese ,super nepalese hash and pineapple express ,trainwreck ,white tuna kush weed

    thank you very much

  295. I don’t know what to say other than to report another awesome transaction. same day shipping, arrived two days later – and i had given a wrong number in postal code! SFD and Canada Post=good job . Quality as always is great, and the counts are quality as well. consistantly right on or a little above. A nice little extra treat also gives the feeling of niceness, but regardless- they always behave as nice. Thank you.

  296. in one word….. awesome
    awesome web site
    awesome service
    awesome delivery
    truly is Stress Free 🙂 tanx guys

  297. I heard about SFD from a couple of friends, and I kept saying: “Too good to be true.” Well, I finally decided to give SFD a try, and I was right. SFD are too good to be true! I registered for the first time on Monday, and by early Thursday afternoon I received my package in the mailbox. I’ll be coming back for another visit soon…Thank you SFD!

  298. Just received my package ! Fast delivery and good quality ! Will order again

  299. 10 ieme commande livrer ce matin , faite leurs confiance . Il sont super fiable !

  300. Very happy again! So glad to have a free sample to try, will leave my review after! THANKS again!

  301. SFD est opéré par des gens honnêtes qui offrent un service exemplaire tout en étant très sympathiques. Ils m’ont aidé à régler un problème de livraison qui était, à l’origine, de ma faute…Je les adores déjà et j’ai même pas encore testé la marchandise (ça arrive demain :D). Je vais surement en recommander bientôt.

    Merci SFD!

  302. reliable, fair price, good quality. nothing you could ask more of in a MOM

  303. My friend and i ordered an half once of Blue Dream , 3.5 of pineapple express a 3.5 purple god bud and two grams of grand daddy budder. Sadly our order got stolen after delivery. I can’t speak about the quality of the products but the shipping was super fast! After that I ordered a quarter of super kush to smoke until the next pay and again shipping was super fast.

  304. Great quality, packaging, prices and shipping times for the east coast. No hesitation to order again. And again.

  305. Amazing quality of product!! You can email them about any worries you have, they’re great at replying quickly and reassuring you. Will be buying from SFD again.

  306. An eight of tasty hindi kush, an oz of good value bc outdoor, vape pen and gummies.

    All of this delivered by your door from the mailman.

    What a time to be alive.

  307. Ordered on Monday night. Shipped on Tuesday. Arrived on Wednesday morning. Quality is top shelf. What is not to love.

  308. Known fact that SFD has awesome products / customer service ,but when CP does their job it makes SFD that much better!
    Ordered 10:50am Feb 20
    Etrans sent shortly after
    Order received /processed / completed in under 20min…impressive !
    CP did their job, OMFG ! order in mailbox when i got home from work @ 3:30 pm Feb 21 Province to Provence even!
    Well done on all fronts !

  309. 2nd time ordering from them and once again amazing bud!! Thanks so much guys !!!!!!!

  310. i did buy a lion gate vape pen and wasn’t dissapointed at all.clouds very tasty,no arshing,weel it last depends of how often you smoke .very fast shipping thank you SFD!!!

  311. Quick mailing service, no problems. Definitely stress free. Good safe packaging. Very nice and clean product. A+
    – Thanks!

  312. Very fast service !!! Very good stuff!!!!
    SFD you’re the best!!!

  313. Those gummies are out of this world. HIGH-ly recommend. Pun intended.

  314. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! always the best quality bud this order looks better than I’ve ever had THANK YOU SO MUCH 💚

  315. Ordered an 1/8th of hindu kush and an 1/8th of xxx og, and am fairly happy. The xxx og is great quality, the hindu kush has some discolored leaves buts its ok.

    Packaging is top notch. Couldn’t smell a thing until I got to the baggies. Shipping was slowww… not SFD’s problem (they handled the order quick), but you can’t trust Xpresspost to deliver next day even as a regional package. Kind of bummed out after paying $15 for shipping.

    Good weed, good price, I’ll order again.

  316. encore une fois une livraison de 24 heure .
    un petit cadeau avec ma commande qui est bien apprécier .
    Steve ou je peu trouver mon cadeau sur ton site , peu être j en commanderais la prochaine fois et dit moi je peu en prendre combien 1 ou 2 ou plus pour avoir un bon buzz ?
    Étant donner je connais pas j en ai pris juste un hier , petit buzz très léger , mais j ai remarquer que ca aide mon arthrose .
    merci bcp , passe une belle semaine Steve

  317. 2nd time ordering & service is just as good, happy customer

  318. Great service my go to site for all my medical needs 😁 The sfd team is great and will definitely take good care of off all your needs to I’ve tried different products from the large variety of goods the sfd team has to offer my favourite so far has been the crumble just incredible stuff amazing taste an quality, I will continue to place different orders hoping to try a little of everything they have to offer, looking forward to my next order I’ve decided to try the 5 pack of shatter I think it’s a great way for people to try an see what like with 5 different packs of shatter in one order I’ll be throwing up more reviews on which I find best as I try them thanks again to the sfd team

  319. Super entreprise avec DE bon produit et un shipping tres rapide pour des gens du quebec ( je reçois ma commande en general 20/24 heures) …mais le sites est fermé ???j arrive pas à rejoindre personne !!!

  320. Good place to order from eastern Canada. Thanks stress free delivery. 👌🏼

  321. My first order I didn’t get everything I ordered. Waiting to see the outcome of this issue, haven’t heard anything back from Steve yet.

    1. Not like us at all. Has the issue been resolved? We always fix any mistakes made on our part as they unfortunately sometimes happen.

  322. Vraiment super service! Le Pineapple Express et le Mango Kush que j’ai recu sont tout simplement malades. Si ce n’était pas d’une erreur de Postes Canada, j’aurais recu le lendemain de ma commande, ce qui est vraiment cool pour les gens de la côte est qui veulent pas nécéssairement attendre pour shipper de la Colombie Britannique. Je vais passer d’autres commandes c’est certain!!!

  323. Alright this is my fourth order. I usually order 3 oz for my duration.
    I have ordered 2 oz of Trainwreck and 1 oz of Pineapple Express.

    The Trainwreck is personally my favorite strain for my work and studies. The smell is amazing and combustion is smooth and is completly grey/white ashes. The high is always amazingly creative and last quite a while.

    The Pineapple Express, the smell is stronger the high is stronger if I compare to the Trainwreck.

    You can really tell that the grower for my both purchases really took care of this plants. I was able to get a sample of Blue Dream. Great taste, Combustion smooth and grey/white ashes. I would def buy some blue dream if the Trainwreck was not available. My Order arrived in less than 2 days the sealing was great.

    As usual, I’m very please with my order and SFD and will order again this summer.

  324. Merci Steve , j avais deja testé le chocolat kush , et javais bien aimer , sucré et une belle odeur , pas trop sec et pas trop humide , juste parait , vas dire comme Elvis Gratton toé tu l a l affaire , THINK BIG ! livraison en moins que 24 heures , prenez ma parole cette COMP est top faire leurs confiance !

  325. SFD is amazing! Great service, with great staff. They answered all questions and concerns very quickly. I have recommenced their service to friends and family. A few orders in, and great every time!

  326. First time ordering from this site got the 2 sample packs love variety .very fast shipping very satisfied

  327. The blue dream I got in the mail on Monday was the best cannabis I’ve ever smoked.
    10/10 i will DEFINITELY be ordering from here again <3

  328. Amazing service, I wanted to order something else right after placing an order, realized I paid twice for shipping and sfd compensated me with 2 grams of blue dream, ordered some crumble/vapePens/2 diff 3.5 and this blue dream smells danker than my two 3.5
    Will be ordering more

  329. Registration process is really easy and I got my order delivered the next day. Customer service is efficient and friendly.. Thanks for the nice buzz!
    Thumbs up to SFD! I will order again soon.

  330. Just received my second order. Great customer service, great products, fast shipping. SFD certainly lives up to their name. Thanks!

  331. Absolutely amazing. The best! Thank you guys so much as your products have helped my back pain and anxiety tremendously. Everything is packaged well and shipped fast. I’m very pleased. I highly recommend Stress Free Delivery.

  332. Love the fast service. Used to order from a site in BC but living on the east coast SFD is much more convenient, if it wasn’t for the weekend falling in the middle of the order, I would have had it in 2 days. Really liked the Charlie Sheen strain!

  333. just got my first order 10 thumbs up sfd fast and easy great smoke

  334. Première commande – excellent! Très recommandable. Believe the hype!

  335. Amazing, fast delivery, quality 110%, will recomment to all my friends !!!

  336. Excellent Nepalise, fast discrete shipping. Will definitely be back!

  337. SFD has the some of best customer service I have ever seen. Extremely satisfied.

  338. Very happy with this delivery … well sealed and great quality thank you Staff

  339. Wow! First time ordering from this site. Very happy with the shipping time, ordered Tuesday morning and it was in my mailbox Thursday morning. 😊 Happy smoking to me!! I have already recommended this site to a few friends. Thank you SFD, have a fabulous weekend.


  340. Got some L.A. Chocolate recently
    Doe s not taste much but the body buzz is amazing almost like a robaxacet it will get rid of pain

  341. Had a situation occur with my order and stress Free handled it with class; product is great and thank your for the chocolate.
    I’m feeling stress Free now👍.

  342. Inactive chat room, no response to email, two days to get “approved” & cash confirmed, then the real bad part – Canada Post.
    5 day delivery, missed 4/20 partying. First timer; last timer. Hope the product at least is good! Put a phone line in for computer illiterate assistance, to keep some of us “stress free.” Poor communication on Monday April 16 & Tuesday 17, someone was napping I suspect.

    1. Egg on my face … Canada Post WILL be delivering today, April 20 so I’m very surprised! And the stress is melting away … now we just need to get that communication fixed up & the world is a better place. Thanks SFD!

  343. Très belle expérience, un service de qualité et très rapide. Commande faite un samedi PM. Le paquet au bureau de poste vers 11h30 lundi et reçu le jours suivant mardi à 13h00.
    Vap Pens d’excellentes qualité, surtout le Lions Gate, et très bon Libanais blond smooth.
    Merci pour tout!

  344. Je viens de recevoir ma premiere commande (2 vape-pen + gummies), painless and stressfree!! thumbs up a l’equipe.

  345. I’ve ordered 3 separate times now and all 3 times SFD had it sent out within 12 hours or 24 at the most…Canada post was really bad on the first delivery and lost it for a week but the other 2 I ordered them on Monday and had them by Wednesday…. Even when I had problems with the first order they were really good and contacted me back in forth in emails with any concerns I had. I will definitely keep ordering from them. Everything is Vacuum sealed when you get it and there is definitely no smell until you open it.

  346. This company is top notch! Amazingly fast delivery (ordered Sunday night and had it in my mailbox Tuesday morning), packaging is discreet and double vacuumed sealed , weights are actually over most times I’ve ordered never short which is awesome, and the quality cant be beat!
    Love this company and will be ordering all the time.

  347. Just received my order today!!It’s like xmas!!! Awesome experience! Product is great! I will be making another order soon for sure!! Thanks alot guys!! 😊😊😊

  348. Very disappointed…
    I did everything as they asked, did the interac e-transfer, but they decide that they don’t take e-transfers from my bank anymore… without any notice or anything that indicates it on the site.

    1. Unfortunately we cannot accept etransfers from tangerine.

      1. Ahh you did I had no problems with my tangerine

  349. Ordered Sunday night and it was in my mailbox Wednesday, fast shipping, the granddaddy purple is perfect, will definitely order more from you guys.

  350. At first, I had doubts about emoney transfer and everything but its been my 10th or more order and I have never been disappointed…or maybe once but it was a bad batch and after an email to the SFD team, they compensated with a free gift on my next order. Would highly recommend them…and I would gladly accept a little extra hehe

  351. salut la gang bon je me decide a laisser mon avis sa fait plus de 20 fois que je commande sur ce site et ou STRESSFREEDELIVERY ses les meilleurs de plus si vous regarder les commentaires vous aller voir il cache pas le 1 ou 2 etoiles comme la plupart des autres place moi je suis plus hash libainais blond et super nepalais defois jai essayer le weed aux fromage tres bon aussi aux debut javais des cadeau de plus dans mon achat mes plus la puis on vois pas les gagnants de leur concours mes le pois est toujours bon la qualiter est la aux que oui les amis je vous le dit vous serait pas decu bien envelopper aucune senteur odeur je fesait affaire avec les gars du coin (la-run) mes pas asser fort en thc la que je vois mon facteur arriver je vais chercher mon cadeau et non je ne suis pas PAYER par personne pour ce commentaire cetait un avis personelle car sa vaut la peine que vous etes aux courant.

  352. Everything about this website is awesome! Great customer service always there to answer your questions. Very reliable delivery. We have ordered 5 times now and it comes next day every time but once where it took 2 days. packaged well and double vacume sealed. perfect guys keep up the great work!

    Downside: some items on the site are out of stock and have been since I signed up. there is still a lot of variety but some items should be restocked more often.

  353. I really can’t believe how great this site is. Keep up the good work. I’m going to tell all my friends about this place.

  354. Primero Hash 10/10 tasty, crumbly, soft, Delicious. Very potent stuff, had a piece the size of half a grain of rice by itself. Burnt it on the end of a pin & inhaled the smoke. Clean & yummy. Will buy again

  355. Fast shipping and I’ve mostly enjoyed what I’ve purchased so far . I’ve ordered a few times already and the experience is always smooth and well stress free ,so I’m glad I can get my order quicker now since I’m on the east.

  356. Very satisfied with my first order

  357. Thanks one of the customers satisfied 🙂

  358. Found this site while looking on another sites comments. Glad i choose this one, received in under 24hrs. Will purchase here again.

  359. Ordered on Sunday , shipped Monday , in my rural Manitoba mail box Tuesday morning . Had a bit trouble with payment process , but it will be easier in the future . I am an old guy and if there is a way to mess up using computers I’ll find it . Thanks SFD for your patience . The bud was nice , as discribed , perfect moisture content , burns smooth and sweet . Thanks Again

  360. Ordered Friday after hours. Shipped out Monday morning. Received Wednesday. Seems like all the weed from them smells like a corn crop no matter what you order. I even tried a kind I really liked from my first order and it even smells like a corn field. It sucks when you put out the extra money to get something good and that’s what you smell right away. Shatter was also on wax paper instead of parchment paper. this is 3 orders in 3 months with the same smell on all of them. Seems like its probably in a corn field and since it was February on my first order there wasn’t corn around because of winter and now there is so maybe that’s why??? Got the exact weight even after other complaints. I think I’ll be looking for another company.

    1. but it still works good. It simply would be better as the first time I tried it if it didn’t have the corn smell and/or slight lingering taste of corn. Once smoked the weed does its job, but the overall experience isn’t the same.

  361. First order
    Silver haze
    taste 5/5
    odeur 5/5
    humidité 5/5
    pack air sealed 2x 5/5
    Delivery time Montréal approx 36h 7/5
    price 3.5/5
    repeat Yes

  362. Awesome service. Really good stuff. Really fast shipping. Never been disappointed with sfd so far. Keep up the good work guys.






  364. Fast delivery, tracking number came after i got my goodies !
    Great service

  365. First i like the service and the quality and everything about you guy’s sure going to order at your place and thank you staffs wow I AM VERY HAPPY


  367. EXTRA fast delivery ! Je le conseil vraiment a tout le monde… Je n’es jamais eu une tel qualité a ma porter ! 10/10

    Je vais recommander c’est sur !


  368. Moi aussi j’suis super excité à voir tous vos bon commentaires! Or, on accepte pas les paiements de tangerine ici! J’ai aucun compte ailleurs, moi les Frais Bancaires no way! Alors, vu j’suis probablement pas le seul, j’voudrais expliquer à SFD pourquoi c’pas cool et qui a aucune raisons vraiment de refuser des clients de tangerine:

    N’importe quel Institution financière avec qui t’utilise le transfert d’argent par courriel te charge 1$ parce que tout ce passe par le réseau Interac. T’as pas le choix mais c’est utile en maudit car l’argent s’échange direct sans délai entre les partis. Simple, non?
    Tangerine est la seul avec 2 options. L’option de payer la 1$ pour faire comme tout le monde avec le réseau Interac direct, mais aussi gratis qui cause un p’tit délai de 1-2 jour.

    Faite juste attention de vérifier que la personne de tangerine t’envoie son argent avec Interac. Sinon ça marche pareil! mais tu vas attendre 1-2 jours. J’comprends pour la business que t’as besoin de mon cash direct pour faire ma commande. Alors j’paie la 1$ du réseau Interac pour faire affaire avec vous, aucun rapport avec tangerine svp. J’veux juste fumer!

    1. Allo à tous! Après quelques échanges cordiale par Email avec SFD, je confirm que si vous êtes chez Tangerine, il vous faudra ouvrir un compte bancaire ailleurs pour faire des achats ici en votre noms. C’est la seul option que je vois pour l’instant.

      Je respecte la décision finale de SFD sans problème, comme une boutique qui prend pas ma carte de crédit des fois quand j’veux payer avec. Ça arrive.

      Je suis toujours enjoué par le site et sa bonne figure, me faut juste un peu de patience.
      Merci SFD, on se revoit bientôt!

    2. Désolé mon cher Talentir mais depuis quelques mois je ne paye plus les transfer Interac avant je payais 1$ mais la sa ne me coûte plus un sous et mon forfait bancaire est resté au même prix que je payais lorsque je faisais un transfert Interac.

      1. Exact! maintenant la grande majorité des institutions bancaires offre interact gratuit avec leur forfait, tu paye plus la 1$ à chaque fois mais tu la paie au final dans le montant du forfait à 10$-15$. Comment tu paye au juste?

        Quand t’as un compte uniquement chez tangerine comme moi, YÉ GRATIS ton compte all time! En résumé ça veux dire: si tu fais moins de virement Interac que du montant de ton forfait bancaire, tu te fais fourré de chaque 1$ que t’as pas utilisé pour ce mois là par ta banque.

    3. Salut Talentir, je suis avec la Banque Nationale du Canada et maintenant c’est gratis faire un transfert Interac et pour ce qui est des frais bancaires et bien moi ça me coûte 3,95$ par mois pour
      12 opérations et les transfer Interac ne compte pas dans mes opérations. J’espère que ça va pouvoir t’aider à ouvrir un compte bancaire et pour tangerine un dispensaire du B.C. écrit que ça prend de 2 à 3 jours avant que le dispensaire reçois le paiement.

  369. Désolé mon cher Talentir mais depuis quelques mois je ne paye plus les transfer Interac avant je payais 1$ mais la sa ne me coûte plus un sous et mon forfait bancaire est resté au même prix que je payais lorsque je faisais un transfert Interac.

  370. Excellent service comme d’habitude, 10/10.

  371. Ive ordered many times from SFD. The product is great quality, counts are perfect (often over) , prices are competitive and delivery is amazingly fast (i always get my order next day) and comes delivered triple sealed and discreet.
    Just got some strawberry cheesecake and tangilope …both amazing! Love the new resealable packaging.

  372. Excellent service
    Had problem with order, informed them….fixed right away
    Great to deal with


  373. Monica Again !!!!
    YOU GUYS SEND TO A WRONG PERSON the ONE I was trying to order!!!!!
    I’m not in REPENTIGNY
    I’m in INUKJUAK qu
    STREET FREE DELIVERY to me is stressing NOTHING but STRESSES cuz of I PAID SOMEONE ELSE PACKING?!!!!!!! There a lot of my msgs from me
    $310.00 IS ALOt MONEY!!!!!

    1. CP often messes up tracking info. Not to worry all that is yours is on the way 100% guaranteed!!!

  374. Wow!!!recently I have received my first order from sfd and i was very impressed with the delivery, and the product was just Devine, napales hash is really good, love the taste, smokes really good, nice burn in a joint, 😎thanks also for the sample it was very good,white casle 🤪.
    Now i will try the blonde Moroccan hash and the other blonde hash also.
    Thanks for the awesome service have a great weekend.
    Keep up the good work Alice…😃😃😃🤩🤩

  375. SFD is the best. Amazing product, always nice sized buds, never end up with the the shake at the bottom always fresh big buds. The edibles taste great and work like a charm. Concentrates…well I have officially fell in love with live rosin and live rosin hash.
    E-pens, I’d vote for Alaskan thunder fuck, I’m normally not a fan of vape and the minor buzz is get from them but this one is a whole other catagory. MY favorite bud is for sure the MAUI WAUI. Always big bright colored buds covered in crystals, flavor is finauminal.

  376. Received a quarter of Blue Dream today in the mail ! Have yet to try it. I ordered on Sunday and it came in Tuesday afternoon ! I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve seen nugs as green as these are ! Thanks so much for the quick email back. Definitely would recommend !

  377. SFD is the best! Takes 2 days at the earliest. My go to MOM. Great job guys and gals.

  378. I ordered and paid for my product on a Wednesday evening, and I received my package Friday morning!
    I can’t ask for better service than that!
    Package was discreet, and the product was packed in multiple layers so no odor at all.
    This was my first time buying with SFD and I’m very happy with the product. I’ll be back for more soon.
    Based on this experience I would reccomend others to SFD.

  379. First Order: purple candy bud (14g), lebanese blonde hash (7g), live resin hash (1g). See product pages for product reviews and experience.

    Overall a five star experience with SFD. Great product, great prices and FAST service. Smoke in my lungs a little over 30 hours after ordering. Consistent, easy to use website and ordering system. Reliable and honest product descriptions and photos and helpful reviews. E-transfers are accepted and orders processed like a Swiss-made watch. Parcel packaging is overly secure, which is a good thing. Minor complaint & critique regarding the hash products purchased but definitely not enough to keep me from enjoying them for hours on end.

    Keep up the great work, maybe you’ll set up shop in Ontario by 17/10/18…..!!

  380. What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this website daily, this web site is in fact pleasant and
    the visitors are really sharing pleasant thoughts.

  381. Service excellent! Rapidité d envoie exceptionnel! Communication hors pairs!

    La seule chose qui me fera changer de place sera quand ils n auront pas la sorte désiré. Et meme rendu la, je leur ecrirai pour savoir s’il pense l avoir prochainement!

  382. Every thing I have got has been perfect, no issues at all 2 thumbs up. 😊

  383. I placed an order on Sunday and got it Tiesday, so that’s pretty darn quick. Haven’t smoked in 20 years, so I’m not the best judge of the quality of the Blue Treat I got, but it smelled nice and felt great, better than the stuff i got as a kid. Really happy with the product and service. Will definitely order again.

  384. I’ve had an excellent experience dealing with this site so far. The product I’ve ordered has been blonde leb and the hindu kush. Both products have been among the best that I’ve smoked in my 20 plus years of partaking. Both have been well packaged, delivered in a timely manner and incredibly enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

  385. Receive my everything i wanted, and pretty fast, you guys rock, thanks

  386. Everything is out of stock…what is going on?

    1. Hey Phoenix.
      we looking to restock soon.
      keep looking

  387. High quality over amount. Amen to that.

  388. Package was super discreet. Good quality in the bud (GSC) and live resin hash. Only issue I had was my ounce weighed up almost 1 gram short. I’ve ordered in the past and I’ll certainly order again! Fast shipping from MTL to HFX. Thanks SFD!

  389. Amazing site with great delivery on east coast and always worth the wait throwing. Easy ordering and efficient MOM

  390. Keep this going please, great job!

  391. Tres bon produits !
    J’ai été approuver rn quelque minutes et j’ai recus ma commande en moins de 24h!!
    Apres avoir essayer plusieur sites, je recommandes celui-ci!
    Merci encore!

  392. Set up account on Wednesday. Wasn’t clear on needing a picture so that was a little time consuming and frustrating. Resolved and placed first order. Great product and next day delivery! Bravo and muchas gracias! I’ll be back…..A+ so far.

  393. Thumbs up across the board – prompt, polite, with quality products. I’m proud to have SFD as my go-to, and grateful that they’re so local to me.
    I recommend the “Live Resin Hash” as well as the “Live Rosin” concentrate. These live items are quite special, potent. I would love to see them become renowned as SFD “signature” items.
    Bravo à tous !
    Livraison ultra rapide, produits de qualité irréprochable, belle communication – tout ce qu’il faut pour assurer un grand succès. Je suis fière d’appuyer cette entreprise et j’ai hâte d’observer, de suivre son épanouissement au cours des prochaines années.

  394. Just received my first order. Everything went well . I ordered the Blond Maroc.
    This is not Morrocan hash. Its either an Afghan which has been cut and not a very good one or its some kind of home made product from Canada. Too bad …I was really looking forward to some fine hash. The buzz is ok but nothing special…not worth 20 per gram.

  395. Love,love,love this site! Hands down, this is the best order site around for all your mj needs. Delivery is super fast , I order on a Wednesday evening it’s in my mailbox Friday morning …amazing! Have been ordering from these guys for couple years now and never once been disappointed with the quality or the price. Sometimes I ask them for a sample of something else when I order and they always come through. Excited to try out the order I just received now.

  396. Great service with decent bud at reasonable prices. Usually get my order within 48 hours or less. The only thing they could improve is availability of oils/tinctures.

  397. Amazing bud, fast shipping and reasonable price. Overall 10/10 experience with sfd and would recommend. Also when will you guys be getting new strains?

  398. Absolutely pleased with SFD my order came in less than 24h After and every product was perfect. The package didnt smell at all , only started to smell when i oppened the bags. Its really is a STRESS FREE DELIVERY. If you doubt just stop and order something its amazing.

  399. Super happy with my order. I purchased 5 different grams of shatter, all amazing quality! Fast processing and shipping! Love having such great service here on the East Coast! Thanks SFD

  400. Quality over amount. Amen to that.

  401. Votre service hors pair ! Vos retours de courriels sont ultra rapide. Vos conseils sont avisés. La qualité de vos produits est A+. La quantité est très honnête. Ça fait du bien de croire qu’il y a du bon monde à cet endroit. 🙂 Longue vie……….. s’il vous plait 😉

  402. Fast and on time delivery, got exactly what I asked for, definitely a repeat customer,
    Thanks SFD

  403. I must say the customer service is amazing!! The delivery is super fast and the products are excellent.
    I have bought two orders so far. I had to try a few things The caramel /blackberries are delicious! The weed weighs exactly what I ordered and smells very nice. I haven’t tried the weed or the suckers yet, but they smell great through the wrapper.
    Thank you SFD for your quality products. 💖

  404. Great service and awesome prices. Definitely will be ordering more. THANK YOU SFD 🔥🔥🔥

  405. Great service, fast shipping.


  406. A+ on 2 orders. Order in AM, pay, delivery next morning!

  407. great services,also fast shipping,good quality to me ,I liked it,good prices,i will order more and more…,thanks.

  408. Stressfree delivery is actual #StressFree, not even 24 hours but i got their reply-confirmation of my Order-payments and Tracking Number. They said its already on its way to Post office and by end of todays business day i will be able to get more info from Postal service as for my order. I ordered with OCS on 18th October and still awaiting for Tracking number, so have no idea how long OCS will take their slow time. 2 weeks to wait for a product delivery with OCS!!! Heard they got 1000k orders on day one but still no delivery or tracking number. Such disappointment with OCS. But nothing to worry when i have StressFreeDelivery. Thanks STressFree, you are quick on time on replies and as a weed smoker Confirmation of having the item means everything and you have done an excellent service so far. Thanks again and wish you all bros/sis all the good weed StressFree can deliver to us. Cheers

  409. Order was delivered today at 12:30pm—had also an updated email from Canada Post about my order was being delivered and so at this time i have to let you all know how good easy quick was my first order done through STress Free Delivery service. With 36-48 hours I got mine all the way here to Toronto. #TrueStressFree

  410. So I ordered Mon Oct 22 around 10:30 AM these guys had my order at the post office within a couple of hours (Awesome). Unfortunately CPS decided to go on a Rotating strike and hold my package as a bargaining chip Fortunately for me I had plenty already just wanted to stock up in case of a postal strike (yeah sometimes my timing sucks) after seeing no movement on my package in 5 days I was getting a little concerned after all this was a rotating strike I reached out with a quick little email to SFD and had a reply again within an hour and was reassured everything was okay and it was all strike related put me at ease for the weekend Finally on Oct 30 I see movement on my package again and on the 31st Happy Halloween to me my package arrived upon its arrival I saw that I was worried for nothing the packaging was amazing it could have sat for a month at CPS and nobody would of had a clue what it’s contents were so far I’ve tried Three out of four of the items I ordered and have been very happy with all three Violator ,Pineapple Express, blonde Lebanese I still have to get into my 10 piece sampler pack which I think is an awesome idea 💡
    It will definitely help with future orders.So if you are on the fence as to whether or not you should order from SFD I say go for it you won’t be disappointed your package will be delivered to you undetected Unfortunately the CUPW are still holding packages for ransom but that is out of SFD hands and I’m sure they would rather you have your package within 2-3days I really think it’s pretty shitty of the CUPW to hold other people’s property ransom for a bargaining chip but that’s another topic for another website as far as SFD I will be strongly recommending them to friends and family awesome service and really quick service
    Thanks SFD I will definitely be ordering again

  411. Great service, fast delivery and excellent customer service, defitnley a repeat customer…thanks SFD 🤛

  412. Third purchase from SFD and each purchase is as smooth as the last. I am always so happy with how quick they get orders processed and shipped. Lovee the 5gram shatter pack. Thanks again SFD!

  413. Good info. Lucky me I recently found your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved it for later!

  414. I recently got myself one of those Kali Mist Vape pens for my girl and I……..Aaaaaaand……..wait…..What was I saying?…
    Oh right the vape pen. Yeah, I like the little guy. I’ll try a indica next time and get in touch with creative side. This stuffs good if you gotta do some chores around the house. That way it’s more tolerable. A spoon full of sugar and all that…I admit that this internet things feels far less shady then the late night parking lot meetings with strangers in trench coats.
    Oh and even with the postal strikes my vape got here in like 24 hours of being shipped. Which was dope. HA!..See what I did there…Dope…..Words…

  415. W O W ! very fast delivery, thank you very much

    1. goralla glue weed very good,bonus skunk #1
      gonna order again for sure

  416. Very good service and quality and the staff is super friendly

  417. My late review on my order since I finally have some free time.

    So I’ve ordered in September (Diamond Valley Kush, Charlie Sheen, Cherry Bomb). All Great maybe just the DVK was a bit harsh for my throat a bit leafy but overall greatness

    Ordered again in November for my winter. ( Silver Haze, Gorilla Glue, White Widow, Girl Scout Cookie) All amazing Thumps Up.
    The girl scout cookie was very impressive Thumps Up.

    Will be ordering later in 2019.

  418. Excellent. Facile. Rapide. Et la marchandise est belle.

  419. order online at night and get a respond in the morning, awesome and Quick. Thank you SFD

  420. With previous experiences of other vendors selling overpriced and over-hyped garbage I was in a mind to be severely testing the quality.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste and superior quality of these SFD products.
    I am very happy with what I received. I am glad I found SFD
    The flower I chose was sweet, well cured and fresh tasting -a delight. 🙂
    The hash….simply wow, both kinds…really tasty, each in their own way and very effective. The real thing.
    On these merits SFD is the best site I found yet.
    Thank you so very much to everyone at this site for making the whole experience Stress Free.

  421. 22 JANVIER 2019 si tu viens ici c’est surement que tu veut des information sur SFD,bien je suis un client depuis presque aux début,si tu recherche de quoi de qualité bien tu a très bien tomber SFD son très honnête avec leur clientèle si vous êtes pas sur de un produits tu peut demander une question (hashish)(mauvais-herbe)(comestible)(vape)etc,du concentrer tu a du choix plus de 100 choix de disponible comme Cannabis,Et il sont pas en rupture de stock lol,emballer discrètement aucune odeur et livrer le jour même si vous commander avant 12-00 heure heure de Montréal,SFD livre partout aux canada,EXPRESS POST avec un numéro de repérage,Traiter votre dépôt interac et votre commande est traiter,Sa fait plus de 30 année que je consomme et vous avez trouver la perle rare,Passe une commande et tu sera jamais décus,Le meilleur site de Cannabis que j’ai connu.


  422. I have tried numerous delivery services across Canada and SFD has been my favorite. Great service, outstanding products and always exceeds my expectations. Thanks again SFD!!

  423. Excellent products at amazing sale prices, fast delivery & great customer service. I have SFD bookmarked, I shop here regularly, and I’m 100% happy with everything so far. Well done Stress Free Delivery !

  424. Best online shop you’ll find, very fast delivery with bonus weed on every order. I just got a extra eighth of Rockstar Tuna on a Headbanger quarter order. +Rep

  425. Thanks again SFD. I placed my order Friday, and received it Monday! Awesome service and quality products always!!

  426. Order arrived very fast, appreciate the bonus

    Great to deal with, thanks again

  427. Wow that was quick and easy. Thank you SFD.

  428. Ordered the x-mas special and it was great. Purple candy was outstanding and the sea warp got the job done. Just dropped in a second order….deal to get in on. Always delivers in 3-4 days here unless Canada post has a shit…

  429. Thanks SFD! Your products are great and your client service is remarkable! 🙂

  430. Best selection of hash on the internet for sure. I shopped a few sites before choosing SFD. I factored selection, price and customer service into my decision. It’s SFD for me.👍

  431. Fast delivery good black hash tanks

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